Aliens: Extermination arcade 2 player 60fps -

Aliens: Extermination arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2.


  1. Hey, can you help me pls? I downloaded the game and trying to run on “Teknoparrot", but the game runs too fast. Now, I enabled "Vsync" on my “Intel HD Graphics 620" by “Intel Graphics Command Center", but nothing worked. While selecting levels, 29 seconds end up within a second on my PC!

  2. I'm Think Is Sequel To Sega's Alien 3: The Gun

  3. I feel like they should've made this game a bit longer with more missions.

  4. Oh I play that arcade game in my buddies pizza.

  5. I thought the troops were possessed ones…until on Colonial marines it was Way-Land P.M.C Mercenaries.

  6. I wish James Cameron could get involved and do a sequel where ALIENS let off. His version

  7. Shit they had this game in the arcade on a Carnival Legends cruise I was on.. never could make my tokens last longer than 1 mission.. and even then I was dropping like $50 every day on that damn cabinet 🥲

    This game I want to seriously play again. But my PC can’t handle the emulation.. I need to save some money and get someone to upgrade my rig or something because right now it’s not strong enough to even launch Doom 2016..

    Still. If I could be informed where to get this emulation set up. I’d be grateful. 🤘

  8. I remember seeing this at the Chuck E Cheese’s in my town, it was absolutely legendary

  9. Hi please help! I have a problem, my game is very fast. In general, my game is very fast super speed. I downloaded it a long time ago but before that everything was fine. The speed was normal it became fast when I turned on the screenshare in discord why so please help me to solve this problem.

  10. is it possible to play this with mouse and keyboard or a controller?

  11. I could never beat that stupid power loader boss without a continue, the weak point is so small to hit, and the developer clearly didn't do much research on the lore to know just how fast a power loader is suppose to move (the damn thing is practically figure skating)

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