Aliens Armageddon (Full Arcade Game; Direct Capture) -

Aliens Armageddon (Full Arcade Game; Direct Capture)

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– While I’m starting to run out of arcade games that I can capture directly, we’ve still got a few to go through, including the exclusive Aliens Armageddon game developed by Play Mechanix. They were also the developers behind Aliens Extermination. AS A COUPLE OF TECHNICAL NOTES: For some reason, the capture only got one channel and at times I seem to stop playing because the game monitor didn’t like something with the capture device and it kept going black. But the capture itself was fine, so that’s a plus!


  1. I like the music from chapter 3 👍

  2. Here in Mexico there is the arcade and it costs 10 pesos a credit

  3. This looks rough as hell for something that came out in 2013 lol. Looks like a doom 3 mod, and those animations, yikes

  4. Dudeee i remember playing that with my dad and i loved it

  5. In terms of revenue, What is best aliens Armageddon or Jurassic park ?

  6. just saw this arcade in a belgium coastal arcade hall, big surprise to me since I havent heard about it before and I am a huge Alien fan. 🙂 thanks for the video. (didnt play the arcade since payment was overly complicated)

  7. I really hope both this, and Terminator: Salvation for the arcade finally get unlocked from Patreon, so I can play them on my home Arcade One system soon! W.T.F also disturbingly happened at the 15:33 mark, and what does that remind you of by the way too!? 😮 XD

  8. That game in the arcade can give your arms big muscles

  9. ꧁༻𝓈ℴ𝓁𝒶𝓇 ꫀᥴꪶⅈρડꫀ༺꧂ says:

    Man, truly one of my favorite arcade games to play at Main Event.

  10. First arcade game I ever played managed to get 6th on the machine. Gonna go next week and get first. I'll be back and tell u how it went!

  11. The highest score in my city is 80,000 I think I can get 90,000….my highscore atm is 60,000

  12. Yo that’s the terminator last salvation gun, movie is really good

  13. Raw thrills Really Loves their Targets Dont they

  14. There’s a high pitched whine through the video once the gameplay starts. I know I’m probably more sensitive to that than most though.

  15. The more chapters we go through the more aliens there are

  16. AWESOME😲👾Kind of like War Of The Worlds and Terminator😲👾

  17. The turrets of the arcade game has infinity amount of firepower

  18. I enjoyed watching the video. By the way, can this game "Aliens Armageddon" be installed and used on a Windows 10 PC?

  19. there is potential to get it for pc and mobile, it would be a good game

  20. Music is terrible..should have been a scarry soundtrack

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