Aliens Armageddon (Full Arcade Game; Direct Capture) -

Aliens Armageddon (Full Arcade Game; Direct Capture)

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– While I’m starting to run out of arcade games that I can capture directly, we’ve still got a few to go through, including the exclusive Aliens Armageddon game developed by Play Mechanix. They were also the developers behind Aliens Extermination. AS A COUPLE OF TECHNICAL NOTES: For some reason, the capture only got one channel and at times I seem to stop playing because the game monitor didn’t like something with the capture device and it kept going black. But the capture itself was fine, so that’s a plus!


  1. Does anyone know why the Winged Xenomorph absolutely slaughtered the giant praetorian Xenomorph. It seems so out of behaviour. It's not like they're a different species and they must be from the same hive and same queen.

    I get it's supposed to make the flying Xenomorph seem like the bigger and badder enemy but I was always confused about that as a kid.

  2. Where can i download this game for pc?

  3. Looks awesome only thing kinda dispoint me the music doesn't fit the theme and the action

  4. I have a theory that Aliens Extermination is canon to Armageddon. It looks too obvious at the end of Extermination, but then again it could be one of those “The end?” moments.

  5. I remember playing this in the Walmart GamePlay area until they got rid of it. There was a Batman one as well (the Raw Thrills one)

  6. Still think Aliens 3 The Gun and Space Gun are the best Science Fiction shooters still in the Arcade Genre. The one which impressed me the most in VR was playing Evangelion – Still waiting for US Arcades to get on Japan's Level!

  7. Title – "How I failed to save generic dolls from a world of Alien Lemmings". Showed this game to a friend who is a huge Alien fan and he began crying how inaccurate it is to novels.

  8. Will there be a sequel or another Aliens arcade

  9. we can hear the audio so clear now for first time from footage of the game thank you for that

  10. I work at a place and this game is in there and I think it is the most played game there

  11. this is 10x better than aliens extermination i played aliens extermination and i don’t like it

  12. This man is going to be the one that save our planet from aliens

  13. This makes me wanna go back to the AMC 11 arcade

  14. This game looks like a giant pain in the ass. Just a coin sinkhole. Constantly shooting the aliens from a distance and they still hit you more often than not. What’s the fun in that?

  15. the rifle are heavy even for 30yr old me. should make it lighter or like a sub. the developers they want to make money or not? make the gun lighter! and the reload under the handle? so hard to operate

  16. This is my first time seeing this. I had no idea it existed.
    The 1990 aliens arcade, and the 1994 aliens vs predator arcade are both in my top 10 goat arcade games.
    I don't think I've ever played an arcade machine post 1995. I'd stopped frequenting them by then.
    I'd love to have a bash as this though. 👍

  17. How much is it a credit these day's?

  18. When i played this bame i just swore and cursed against the aliens i went bezerk with the swear words

  19. i thought when you insert coins the continue timer resets

  20. Does anybody know where I can buy just the game itself without the arcade machine

  21. my fav part in the game is when the giant flying xenomorph throws the truck in chapter 4

  22. The guns are shit, it's cumbersome and the reloads are located in a shitty place
    They should've made the gun more compact, similar to the series' famous m41a pulse rifle

  23. I wonder if this game was inspired by Aliens: Earth War, where earth gets overrun by xenos.

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