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Aero Fighters 1992 Video System Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Aero Fighters (SFX – Hien) 1992 Video System. Full game with Bad and Happy End.


1. Aero Fighters 1992 –
2. Aero Fighters 2 1994 –
3. Aero Fighters 3 1995 – Not yet available
4. Sonic Wings Limited 1996 – Not yet available
5. Aero Fighters Assault 1997 – Nintendo 64

Aero Fighters World version,
Sonic Wings Japan version.


  1. I hate how everybody that records these and put these on YouTube it's just trying to flex their gaming abilities. It wouldn't kill you to use the special weapon at least once in a stage just to show off what it looks like.

  2. Very good and thanks for revealing the good & bad endings.

  3. @Akoltin The ending trigger is not the same as Bubble Bobble as beating the game in Single-player mode will give you that characters ending and bad ending happens if last boss escapes.

  4. Does anyone know what the two bad endings say in the original Japanese version of Sonic Wings when translated to English?

  5. hot damn you're good!!! I've spend countless days in the arcade and got really good t the game but you're in another league. congrats man!

  6. just can't belive this, your reaction is soooo fast! is this a real play or you used the mame software to play it in a slowdown then fasten the record? sorry for asking this way, it's just a mind blowing to me 🙂

  7. On the right side are more planes, the best is the f 14

  8. Me encantaba jugar con el abuelo. Con El le daba 2 vueltas y media casi a los 5 continentes

  9. Someone needs to help me on this. My quest has brought me here. I remember an arcade game as a child that had a similar theme music but was different. It was the same melody so I know it was an AF game. I can’t find it though. Any ideas?

  10. What the heck! Does a human play this or is a gameplay from the computer?

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