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A Super Easy Way To Set Up And Play MAME Arcade Games On Your Windows PC!

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In this video, I show you How easily setup and play your favorite MAME Arcade games by using the newly updated MAME Arcade Full Set Importer in LaunchBox And Big Box! This is by far the easiest way to get MAmE running on your PC OR laptop. It automatically downloads and configured MAME and it also download Box art and information!

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  1. Hey ETA do you have a video to help config and setup Mame on Steamdeck?

    I’m having issues with Mame and NeoGeo. Not sure if it’s a file format or I know Roms are good. Btw.

  2. the mame games aren't playing :/ I think I'm competent with technology but I just can't figure this emulation stuff out. Definitely not "Super Easy" by any means

  3. does anyone know how to get plug and play games working on mame?

  4. Hello there. There are a lot of games i want to play (like Sega Rally) which are not in the full set. Is there a way to add them into Launch Box?

  5. try to open not working because it say need to install net core to open launchbox

  6. Question… How can i put a game on a 8gb ssd to run on a arcade machine… And how to auto launch it?

  7. is there a way to get the same filtered end result for something like emulation station on Steam Deck?

  8. Every time I do a quick google search, I get someone saying "I can't tell you how to find roms!"

  9. So our mames we currently have and Mame Roms set are two different things? we can't use the mames we currently have to work on Launch box?

  10. I have it but then I downloaded games, it always pull up a game called 2048…. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Downloaded Mario kart double dash and it starts but the audio is trash and it’s slow

  11. Great how to thanks ETA. Does anyone know what sort of CPU/GPU package I would need in a old laptop to run Mame?

  12. Thank you for this. When you open a game, do you need to map buttons etc? I want to put this into an arcade cab

  13. there was no instruction on how to install the emulator and where. ive been trying and it keeps having errors

  14. hi bro fantastic video u save me. can u plz make and another video how to make possible to run CHD games in launchbox?

  15. I followed every step and most of the roms will not play.

  16. Stuck during the first minute. What is the difference between split and merged? Where/How to get each?

  17. My dude thank you very much! I managed to find a MAME set and everything was find until I tried to use my fightstick (Mayflash F500) and I just can't figure out how to make it work, only the keyboard or my Logitec gamepad F310 is working. I really want to get my fightstick working, any help would be appreciated.

  18. Easy? Heh. I can't even find something as "simple" as the rom set. There's 5 million different options and nothing labeled as simple as "rom set" There's mame set merged (no chd), mame chd merged, mame sl rom set (merged) no chd….

  19. Yeah no. Not working. Games won't launch. No matter what I do. Also, how do I know what the controls are? This is stupid.

  20. can someone advise on how to download the full merged rom set? Every time I click on the roms I get to the parent directory but I have to download each game individually.

  21. i spend so much time before doing import of WHD. just tried to setup a new LB with WHD and it just worked within minutes. I also remember something about the PUA was not that great before, and needed to use FS-UAE instead. but looks like amiga have improved in many ways

  22. Thanks! Didn't understand how the software worked and now I can get it to work

  23. Can I get the dave and buster marvel contest of champions series on here

  24. Love that vid. One question though where can i find MAME Rom Set 0.240?

  25. Well, the Nag Screen fix didn't work…everything else works fine! Thanks!

  26. does this only work on a 32bit version of windows?? not 64?

  27. what can i do if i dont whant to use the full set becouse it are too mutch games

  28. Late to the game on this but just got into all this retrogaming. Love this, games up and running but is there away to save my highscores (my machine only, not the LB community Highscore)?

  29. what's the point of this if you don't show us the rom set link?

  30. Bruh i just want to load the game file and play the damn game, what is this….

  31. okay but i dont want 3000 arcade games i just want a few

  32. thanks man, i just used this guide to set up, i used to use MAME years back and launchbox looks really fun and neat compared to mame old interface i used to use

    if only i could give possibility to give it to myself 30 years back, who used to drop tokens which were substitute for coins in our arcades, to give myself ability to play it all… it was unimaginable back then, i wonder what will be available in 30 years from now

  33. thanks man…from where i can download roms ? please share some links thanks

  34. doesnt understand why in early 2000 it was pretty easy two click install in old pentium PCs. Now is that

  35. Does launchbox work well on a handheld pc with a 6" screen?

  36. Can we load this on a an external SSD and boot from there?

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