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A QUAKE Arcade Game You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

Retro Ralph
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In this short, we take a look at Quake Arcade tournament edition! It was Quake but built for an arcade cabinet. It was short-lived but what a cool concept and idea to bring FPS to the arcade!

Want to check out Quake Arcade at home? (click the link below for more information)


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  1. theres a big free play arcade in Brisbane here in Australia who has this version of quake, they rebuilt the cab from the ground up, it was such a unique experience to play, and a neat piece of arcade history

  2. Yes I have it. Nothing special really, personally it is just the pc version.

  3. I had that in my garage for 17 years. Sold it to Doc a few years ago. Glad to see it back in action,.

  4. Quit assuming anyone viewing has "NEVER SEEN BEFORE!" I helped install 4 of these cabinets at Namco Wonderpark, Soho, London back in the 90's it was a huge failure, nobody played it and they were sent back to the distributtor within a fortnight iitc.

  5. I played one once in an arcade in downtown Austin 18 years ago.It was a cockpit style box with mouse and keyboard. I enjoyed playing it and often thinks back about it.Was cool to see this video segment about it, brought up memories.

  6. A call of duty arcade w a lightgun and analog stick would be awesome.

  7. I'm aware of it, but never saw one in the wild. 32 player match at that time would've been nuts. I still play Quake 3 Arena.

  8. Keep these up. I love the bite size knowledge updates

  9. Unreal tournament too was an arcade machine with some mortal kombat characters in It, i think

  10. Hey I saw a guy Building one out of an Arcade1up. Very Cool.

  11. I have to make sure I wasn't suddenly smoking pot

  12. I saw a bunch of these networked at Gameworks back in the day. It was mesmerizing. People were so into it. The guys I saw playing them looked like they’d been at it all day long. The next year I saw War Final Assault (three of them networked) and it was a lot more colorful and eye catching than the quake arcade so that one I played a LOT. Then it was replaced by The Grid, but Quake arcade was the first time I saw people really have that full blown LAN party experience at a public arcade. Great video man!

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