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90s Arcade Games – Austin Eruption

Austin Eruption
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The Simpsons, Street Fighter 2, Virtual On… Primal Rage? Video Game Arcades in the 1990s were a bit of a Silver Age, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a ton of awesome games! While some might get ported to the PS4s and Nintendo Switches, not all of em do. However, here’s a brief history/super biased look at games I played as a kid!

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  1. Thank you, Austin, for showing me where all the Puzzle Bobble fans were because I thought my ass was ALONE

  2. Great video mate but IMO you could've done this better, you really didn't give NBA JAM enough credit even though it was EASILY the best Arcade sports game of the 90's! Also games like Raiden, Sunset Riders, Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder, Armored Warriors, The Punisher, Street Fighter Alpha series, The Capcom Marvel VS series, Crypt Killer, Tokyo Wars, Virtual On, MANX TT Superbike, Virtua Cop, Sega Rally, would love to see you do an updated video of this topic with a bit more research done! 🙂

  3. "Arcades are a rare thing these days…" Unless you live in Los Angeles like I do. If you're ever out here in the 323, hit up Family Arcade on Vermont & Bates across the street from LA City College, this barcade they have downtown on Alameda & 4th in Little Tokyo, or the one at the Santa Monica Pier (RIP to the Sassony Arcade that used to be on 7th & Broadway). But if you're in my neck of the woods (South Central LA), then you'll mostly find the arcade machines at the laundromats and local swapmeets, along with a few liquor stores, donut shops, burger stands and pizza joints. Los Angeles is pretty much an arcade gold mine in the country 😊

  4. Still waiting for a house of the dead port…


  6. I don't think this guy likes arcade games, he continuously says he never spend a lot of time in the arcades, he never play this ir that game, he seems very critical, this is an analysis of something he doesn't understand, almost comes off as a hater

  7. in retrospect I would've preferred your version of ready player two

  8. Very nice video
    Keep the good work!

    One little detail though is that Killer Instinct was first released on arcade and then one year later was ported to the snes!

  9. Where’s my nwa light gun shooter and with tang clan beat em up 🤔

  10. street fighter mortal kombat and tekken was the shit till marvel vs capcom came out forget about it i couldnt play anything else then 2 came out and till this day to me the best game ever

  11. i remember when i use to play at my local pizzeria and the dude who use to come and empty out the quarters from the arcade use to give me alot of credits before he closed it up and told me “knock yourself out kid” man he was the real mvp

  12. Dude I loved hydro thunder. I've forgotten how you unlocked the space ship though.

  13. This guy has the typical over the top YouTube personality

  14. All shoot'em up and beat em ups from the 90s are still my favorites

  15. I finally got to play that Simpsons beaten up on my tablet BUT…I can only play as Marge Cuz when u insert coin it auto selects her and no one wants her! I have played this game since 1991 and I get push faced like that is just OUCH!

  16. 16:13, My Dear Friend Rally, as used by Videogamedunkey in his videos as his closing credits song. God how I loved Sega Rally and Daytona back in the day.

  17. Thx too Mame emulator I downloaded 140 arcade games in my phone due mobile games nowadays are kinda meh now

  18. God these poor kids now a days , my kids , all they know how to do I turn on their console or PC and choose the game they want to play / download . Back then you ahead so much anticipation and excitement in the arcades … miss these days , we still have one arcade here in our city and we go about twice a year .

  19. Killer instinct was everything for me especially that loud music and the dude saying Killer Instinct shit I’m ready to play now

  20. What an awesome trip down memory lane.

  21. I live in a desolate area so mostly second town over movie theaters had some very decent arcade jams crazy taxi mvc2 carnival and this one cute light gun game about 2 human children being turned into animals and shooting through a haunted house to turn themselves back and i can never remember the name. XD

  22. In the 90s, not everyone was about that 3d. I remember specifically wanting an arcade perfect home port of Xmen vs Street Fighter for the ps1. I wanted my games to look like a well-drawn cartoon back then.

    Also: lethal enforcers was my jam on snes lol.

    Also also: I see a ton of videos with people saying "I wasn't allowed to play that one." Was I the only latchkey kid going to the arcade by myself? My mom bought my brother and I MK2 on launch day.

  23. Now i miss my arcade. Well, probably gonna go to a nearest mall and play some Initial D, House Of The Dead, Tekken and Wangan Midnight.

  24. See, I love me some emulation. Like, I'm mildly obsessed with it. I have full rom sets for so many different consoles, along with countless rom hacks and homebrew. One of my favorite things to emulate though, are arcade games. Only downsides really is that you're kinda forced to limit yourself on credits, since you can load in an infinite number of quarters. Otherwise it gets super easy and pointless. And that saving hi-scores is kind of a pain in the ass, so you're kinda left manually writing 'em down if you wanna save them.

    I have so many arcade (and neogeo) games on my Xbox via Retroarch emulation. I just wish I could afford a fight stick. A fight stick is my next major purchase if I ever get some money saved up (along with an EZFlash Jr. for my GBA).

  25. yeah, fightin spirit for the amiga @ 03:10
    what a suprise to see such an obscue game in an american video:)

  26. Is it still like that?
    *sniffs armpit cheese

  27. I remember when I first saw the Simpson's arcade machine in the 90s. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, the graphics and the video, the gameplay was addictive to match it. I actually got myself in trouble because I cleaned out my father's coin jar for my return to the arcade the next day. But it was worth it, I had to see it through to the end.

    After that though. I figured out, all I really need to do, is watch other people play games and when they walked away I'd take over. Rather than start over every time. I got more out of my time at the arcade that way.

    Also. The smell at the arcade, it was fresh paint and new cheap office carpeting, and faint cigarette smoke. Depending on where in the arcade, that mix was weaker or stronger, near the pool room, and near the snack counter.

    I can't imagine not having the things I did growing up. It was a special time, 80s into the 90s.

  28. Guess this means you obviously don't have a round one. Its a Japanese style American arcade their cool.

  29. I play Cruise N World on my Nintendo 64 emulator game on my laptop.

  30. why do you think emulation exists you consoomer. ppl always begging for virtual store ports and shit but… pirates already archived everything forever.

  31. As someone who was a teenager back then it cannot be overstated how huge SF2 was. Some arcades/bowling alley would have 5 or more of those cabinets and they all would have a crowd around them

  32. There are still arcades around. They are more like Family Fun Centers now.
    They have bowling lanes , arcade games , probably pool tables and a golf simulator.
    There's a restaurant or fast food and maybe a bar for the adults.

    Its not quite the same as an 80s or 90s arcade but its cool.

    The big difference is anything you have in an arcade you can play at home.
    Back in the day we played in the arcade because the games were way cooler the your atari or NES

  33. I think there was a old soul caliber arcade cabinet at this roller rink I used to go to

  34. House of the Dead, Jurassic Park III, Area 51 were my favorite light gun games as a kid

  35. There's this thing called MAME….you can play all the simpsons you want 😊

  36. Cough cough "emulation" cough "metal slug" cough, mhrm excuse me, i mean yeah pay out the nose for a switch port

  37. Ohhhh snap DieHard Arcade!! Me and my cousin use to kill this shit in the arcade at the movie theatre. Had my mama all in KBToys trying to find it. Clearly, it wasn’t ported. Ahhhh the 90’s

  38. I used to own time crisis and the gun for the home console. Normally you had to push a button on the gun to move in and out of cover, which really affected the immersion and was a bummer compared to the foot pedal on the arcade.
    But I figured out that you could plug in a regular controller into the second player port and pushing the buttons would work for moving in and out of cover.
    So I would stand up, shoot with the gun, and use my foot to push the buttons on the second player controller which I placed on the ground.
    That set up made the game just as fun and immersive as the arcade version. Although you have to be aware that your second controller would have foot juice on it!

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