8gb Vertical (Portrait) Retropie Arcade Build - 800+ Classic Arcade Games - jadeusgames.com

8gb Vertical (Portrait) Retropie Arcade Build – 800+ Classic Arcade Games

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New Vertical MAME arcade image for the raspberry pi 3. Will work on the pi 3 b and b+ (plus). Over 800 of those vertical classic arcade games including donkey kong, 1941, gallaga, frogger, pac-man, and way more. We show off the setup and show you some things to help get started. Image is under 8gb!

Image on Arcadepunks – Mrburns 8gb vertical

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  1. Where do I get the build for this attract mold you’re talking about. ?

  2. What’s the resolution on your 19” monitor?

  3. looks like this is a stretched 4/3 image both in game and in the menu. I haven't played with this image yet.

  4. The link is is a lifesaver when you child gets a little bigger

  5. Love your multitasking with your kid! Dad level expert!

  6. Instead of Hidden Buttons, you can use any Momentary Button or Return Switch, get some really "small one's" from Radio Shack, Electronic's Shop's or Auto Shop's, look's neat along the top of control panel

  7. Really appreciate your time & effort making these video.
    At first I thought Master Chief was talking!, Then if you were dressed to diffuse a bomb..
    Congrats & good luck when changing diapers, My heart is with you!

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