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8gb Vertical (Portrait) Retropie Arcade Build – 800+ Classic Arcade Games

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New Vertical MAME arcade image for the raspberry pi 3. Will work on the pi 3 b and b+ (plus). Over 800 of those vertical classic arcade games including donkey kong, 1941, gallaga, frogger, pac-man, and way more. We show off the setup and show you some things to help get started. Image is under 8gb!

Image on Arcadepunks – Mrburns 8gb vertical

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  1. Someone has to do an Alexa kind of thing for Retropie, with a Bluetooth mic where we can search for roms from "All Games" with our voices. That would be so usefull. The ability to think on a game, saying it and bam! rom highlighted

  2. The baby carrier strapped to your chest just increased your street cred 1000%

  3. DrewTalks,

    Great video! You mentioned the 1942 series of games. Since you only have a jump button config on your cabinet. these wouldn't be ideal as well, or do you program your system to have the P1 or P2 button act as the loop? Just curious.



  4. That cab is great but really needs a screen that supports tilting, so es is in vertical mode, as well as attract mode, it’s a really nice thing. Will check out this image, thanks for sharing 👍🏼😀

  5. How can we add the lines so it looks like an old CRT tv?

  6. I always get distracted by the shoebox arcade stick, it's awesome 👍

  7. Shoe Box arcade stick the reason I subbed. Keep up the great work man!!

  8. how I can rotate the screen on attack mode? , mine is up side down

  9. If you want to shutdown directly from Attract Mode (without needing a keyboard) you can assign one of your buttons to 'exit' and assign a script on exit such as 'sudo poweroff'. You can do all this in the Attract Mode menu. 👍

  10. Drew if I buy an odroid xu4 will it hook up to my xinmo encoder I have in my bartop (pie3b+) arcade machine. I'm thinking if so I'd like to get a splitter so I can use both. It's a GRS deluxe setup I have.

  11. Wow this is something that I want!!!! I love shmups. Been smashing alot of the Cave ones on my modded 360 atm so yeh keen to get this forsure. Cheers Drew!

  12. Need to Expand Card under Raspi-Config if using more than 8 gig, or only see 8gig

  13. Hey Drew, I'm not seeing a Setup menu in Attract mode to switch back to Emulation Station. and when exiting Attract Mode it send to command line. Is it safe to power off from there? Thanks.

  14. Thanks for sharing! What version of Mame is running? Would be nice if Roms are set to cocktail mode so screen will flip for player 2 for a cocktail cab setup

  15. ove being trying for moths to try getting attrack mode working on my retropie, no matter what i do it does not show on the menu after install, i got a raspberry pie 3 b+b

  16. I configured everything as you said, I can't use my buttons unless I hit enter on the keyboard, please help, cause no one can use it at home

  17. problem fixed, now i will like to set up shaders on this games because they are without them and the look its like a cheap game console, some help on that, i tried on emulationstation, bit it does not show roms there

  18. I like it, looks good. I wish the lcd fit better though then it would be perfect

  19. How would you set this up with a VGA 666 for use in a real arcade crt?

  20. *Super Mario Bros. is a Nintendo Entertainment System game. "Mario Bros." is a horizontal game. Probably won't find either on this image. 😉

  21. FYI, you don't need a keyboard to change the controls. Should you want to customize a game's settings, use the Retroarch menu hotkey, and select "Controls" in the Quick Menu.

  22. i cannot fit this on any of my 8gb cards… it's like 21mb too big. how can i fit it?

  23. Help please. So all is installed and set up looks great. For some reason I cannot navigate the wheel of games via my stick only with keyboard? When game is loaded stick works fine…. just this one hiccup to sort…. any help appreciated 👍😊

  24. I get no sound in attract more on when it boots up with the cars on the road, can anyone help raspberry pie 3plus

  25. Is there a way to shut down the pi from directly in attract mode using buttons instead of commands? Can anybody add it to the attract mode menu?

  26. how do you rotate emulation station to be vertical with the attract mode? kinda annoying to have to look at emulation station like that.

  27. Hey drew you need a keyboard to shut it down or is there a way to do it

  28. Will this run correctly on a pi zero in attract mode

  29. is there a way to add own games? btw thnx for the awesome image!

  30. Great image thanks alot, i just wonder how do you change the aspect ration on the games as im using a regular vga monitor and black stripes apear on the sides. thanks for any help

  31. Just a heads up to anyone considering this image. It uses the "display_rotate" method to make the screen vertical. It impacts performance and games run noticeably more choppy than they would otherwise.

  32. I am no expert on vertical arcade games. Do you know how many buttons were the max in vertical games? I am debating on adding button to my galaga. Just dont know how many.

  33. Hey Drew is there a way too search games by letter or game family?

  34. Great video. Question. I'm modding my cenetipede arcade1up machine do you recommend this image?

  35. Does anyone know where I can find a list of game in this build?

  36. Awesome video. Starting your child off right. Lol. Question. I'm planning to put this in my cenetipede arcade1up, how many buttons will I need. Will three work or will I need six? Not counting player one, two or ,coin buttons.

  37. Great build. But I wish there was a easy way to manage your roms. 800 + games. is so much. If there was a way to manage your roms ie when you select to remove games it will clean the system and remove the videos as well.

  38. Will it work with a real 4:3 vertical aspect ratio on 4:3 monitor in tate mode? Seems nobody understand this showed n the vid is a completely wrong aspect ratio.

  39. Has there been any vertical build like the Mr.Burns for the pi 4 yet?

  40. Great video Drew! Any idea how to reduce the number of games down to a more manageable list?

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