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8 More ARCADE GAMES – Hidden Gems for MAME

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I have 8 more Arcade games that are Hidden Gems for you to play in MAME.
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Rohga: Armor Force
Blood Bros
Metamorphic Force
Air Gallet
The Outfoxies



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  1. I play MAME games on my Raspberry Pie, set up with Batocera.

    I've got a lot of games (2000 or more) but I don't have what's on this list. So I guess it's time to go out looking for more again.

  2. I seriously have to thank you for this video… I remember as a kid seeing a game ONCE, thought it looked pretty cool, and never saw it again. I even tried searching for it based on the blurry memory of what I saw, but the best I could come up with was "isometric arcade game in space"… yeah, good luck finding a match with that. Seeing the video of the Robots from Space game, it absolutely has to be the one, so thanks for saving a tiny fragment of my sanity 😛 now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll treat myself to a raspberry pie to celebrate…

  3. Hi your my favrit YouTubeber sarted watching 4 years now

  4. I never stop watching your videos

  5. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a random one I came across and really enjoy. Good beat ‘em up

  6. hi there in america. greatings from germany. crusader no remorse was released on playstation and saga saturn in europe and us

  7. As you say, there are 100s maybe 1000s of hidden gems on mame.
    -Psyco-Nics Oscar (little known data east Run and gun with gradius like weapon selector)
    -Dragon Breed (Irem horizontal shooter better than rtype?)
    -Vamf x1/2 (Fighter like dragon ball, super deformed heads)
    -Thunderzone (data east game like pow but always with guns / shock troupers – 4 player)
    -Asura Buster (good street fighter alpha looking clone)
    -Grainbow (Contra like game by seibu)

  8. Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters reminds me of Zombies Ate my Neighbors…

  9. I had Escpae from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, on my Amiga 500, I used to play it a lot. Great to see it here.

  10. Haha, this is the first video I can think of where basically the only way to play these hidden games is to pirate them. Respect Jason.

  11. Played ' escape from the planet of robot monsters ' on the Amiga 500. And had forgotten the name. Thanks for playing it

  12. That robot game reminds me of Zombie ate my neighbors that's pretty cool looking!!

  13. Cool stuff – Escape fro the planet of the Robot Monsters got a couple of 16 bit home releases – I had it on Atari ST and I imagine it ight have had an Amiga port – great game. Funnily enough I played Blood Brothers the night before seeing this. I love those Cabal style games. So much fun!

  14. Smash TV was fantastic. I have that one on an old two player arcade cabinet with a pi 4 but I had to rejigger the controllers as it required both joysticks for a single player game, one to move and the other to shoot. Great stuff!

  15. Terraburst, to me, is a hidden gem. Loved it! And SEGA's Rastan was such a fun Conan ripoff. It definitely doesn't get as much love as it should.

  16. I think I remember playing Blood Brothers in 90s 🤔

  17. Nice Hidden Gems🔥🔥i never play the most of it 😅

  18. What was the fps shown at 0:14? Right after the horizon zero dawn menu

  19. How did I not know about The Outfoxies! Thank you!

  20. First game reminds me of zombies are my neighbors

  21. I didnt know that Blood Bros isnt that well known. Stone cold classic much beloved around my parts as a kid.

    Respect on calling out Outfoxies, absolutely fantastic game that doesnt get enough love.

  22. That mech game looks sick. I need to check it out.

  23. These games do look pretty awesomely wild…🤘🏼💯✔️

  24. I think Zombies Ate My Neighbors took some inspiration from Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters. The overall gameplay and 50s B-rate horror gimmick is quite the match.

  25. Hi dude could yu do a « most récent mame games »?

  26. I went back on my OG Xbox w CoinOPs (my fav emulator even tho PC is much stronger and has more modern console support) to play Ganryu after getting its sequel on PS4- Pixel Heart released physical. Was cool to see where it originated from. Unfort Outfoxies has no sound unless I play it on my PC, but your choices are all super solid- these are the kind of obscure, simple gems I loved discovering! On final note, Quartet on Master System is also a very fun version.

  27. Quartet on the Master System was actually better than the arcade version.

  28. Would have been nice if the game Air Gallet played the track Playing With The Boys.

  29. i think i played that escape from planet robots game on Amiga back in the day, i completely forgot about it, that was a great game

  30. Where can I get the non glitchy outfoxies?

  31. I love ir on the amiga had know idea then it was a coinop..

  32. Simple Thank
    you for all the Videos you done.
    Majo, Berlin Germany

  33. Because im seeing Bloodbros here (Gallery Shooters are my absolute favourite oldschool Genre) – with MAME 285 finally we can play Gamshara – One of the best Gallery Shooters ever (!)
    (Look for gamsharaj)

  34. Blood Bros and metamorphic force were made from recycled game engine that were previously used for Cabal and X-Men arcade. Never the less they were good. More hidden gems to mention are ; Alpha Mission 2, Shienryu, Skull Fang, Gundhara, an excellent run and gun game if I may add, Desert Assault, Viper Phase 1.

  35. Re: Pronunciation of Airgallet – There is no L in Japanese, so Rs and Ls often get conflated.

  36. I agree re: modern games. While I'm really enjoying Like a Dragon: Ishin on my Xbox One right now, I remember the days when a videogame was something where I put in a quarter (or inserted a cartridge into my Atari 2600 or ColecoVision, or a 5.25" disk into my Apple II+), jumped right in, and played for as long as my 3 lives/ships lasted. Anything else was what was called an "adventure game", like the old Scott Adams or Infocom games. To me, arcade games will always rule.

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