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50 Best Apple Arcade Games – Launch Day

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Apple Arrived has released! Let’s have a look at 50 Apple Arcade games for iOS 13.
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Exit the Gungeon:
The Enchanted World:
Don’t Bug Me!:
ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree:
Cricket Through the Ages:
Cat Quest 2:
ChuChu Rocket! Universe:
Shantae and the Seven Sirens:
Dodo Peak:
Stranded Sails:
Where Cards Fall:
Way of the Turtle:
Towaga: Among Shadows:
Sneaky Sasquatch:
The Pinball Wizard:
The Get Out Kids:
Mini Motorways:
Rayman Mini:
Neo Cab:
Big Time Sports:
Sonic Racing:
LEGO Brawls:
Projection: First Light:
Bleak Sword:
Stellar Commanders:
Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler:
Punch Planet:
Skate City:
Jenny LeClue – Detectivu:
Various Daylife:
Dear Reader:
Frogger in Toy Town:
Oceanhorn 2:
Sayonara Wild Hearts:
Assemble with Care:
Shinsekai: Into the Depths:
Hot Lava:


  1. I have to say, apple had done a really good job with this service. Even if I won't be interested in all of them, they all look quality.

  2. If I download one is it will stay forever or for only one month

  3. Very well done video. I love the controller support icon in the bottom 👍

  4. Thanks for mentioning controller support banner ! A huge thanks

  5. if they are in no particular order then you should start at 1 and go to 50… so it doesn't feel like 1 is the best

  6. More RPG’s.

    More MARIO Kart and MARIO type Nintendo games.

    More sports game of high quality.

    Not a bad start though.

  7. Anyone else updating their iPhone to iOS 13 and while watching the video?

    No? Oh I guess you all wasted money on iPhone 11

  8. The 45 is too like Zelda Breath of the Wild…

  9. i like street fighter final fighter types of games 1vs1 combat not really anything in the arcade for that and some rpgs…make me stick to the normal app store

  10. What if apple make a movie streaming service 😎

  11. Only Oceanhorn seems a console quality game, all the others are just phone games or sort of Nintendo games. Still not worth it

  12. Seems a bit like top iPad games are bottom low tier PC/Console games…hmm

  13. Great video. Loved that you devoted time to each game.

  14. Currently regretting not getting the 256gb iPad Pro I currently have the iPad Pro 10.5(64gb)

  15. I subscribed to Apple Arcade today for the first time assuming that I’m gonna get a 1 month free trial, but was instead charged 4.99$. What should I do?

  16. My favourite game is Assemble with Care and I am enjoying a lot Neo Cab. And Grindstone have me hooked to it.

  17. So, is Oceanhorn 2 only available on the iPad? I have an iPhone 8 and it hasn't shown up on the App Store for me.

  18. Jenny LeClue is my personal favorite, i love its story and it’s full of surprises. It may look cute and cartoony but the story is dark asf.

  19. I've never owned a single product by Apple. But after watching this, I might buy my first Ipad just so I can try Apple Arcade. 😊

  20. Oceanhorn 2……#45?? You bugging b

  21. Even Trap Adventure 1-2 > Trap Dungeon(rip off)

  22. Just a heads up, it seems the channel "android tools" might have taken your script for the video. Look at their top 10 apple arcade video and the skateboard game section is a word for word copy.

  23. I'm in the trial and I'm lovin it so far I'm playin it on my macbook air so the games dont look amaizing but they play awsome

  24. Oceanhorn 2 is highly overrated. 60% running around, 30%, watching endless boring conversations, 10% gameplay. collecting useless coins, hardly any new weapons or upgrades. this is a very bad attempt of copying BOTW. graphics are nice, that’s the only positive.

  25. No what they don’t tell you about hot lava is you can’t see the person jump. How can you jump when you can’t see where you jumping too? That’s hard

  26. Wow, that was a really good and in-depth video. Thanks for making it! Keep up the good work.

  27. Finally a game, no. 47, with the same genre as one of Playrix clickbait game ads genre in which you must pick the correct tool and in that ad the demo is made to be always fail as demo player purpotedly to be dumb or you take control the clickbait demo, with some twist. But oh no I don't have neither iPhone, iPad, or Mac

  28. I have to say that Ocean Horn was my favorite game listed. I wish it was longer though 😊👏🏾👏🏾

    Edit: I also forgot to say that I enjoyed What the golf 🏌️‍♀️ ⛳️ too lol. I was surprised by how entertaining it is. I’ve been playing it for two days now and I’m still not bored yet. I do get frustrated though lol

    I want to try a lot of new games now since watching this video. Thanks so much 🙏🏽😊

  29. wii sports resort is the only sports game for me 😤

  30. I love your videos but your voice needs to be tweaked man, you sound congested in every video

  31. Apple arcade will be better if it has a permanent subscription and no credit card needed

  32. Nice vid guys, I can really see the effort u guys put on theses vids

  33. I thought my speaker is sucks but not, is your intro voice is sucks to much loud and bass.

  34. its the worst gaming platform network of all compared to ps4, steam on PC and Android. Its like 1989 games. Oceanhorn 2 is the only game that resembles a pc game and has a bit of decent open world style gameplay.. but its the only one. None of the titles we love are available, and its all just kiddie cartoon stuff and mostly platformers and simple builder games, but no AAA games hardly. 90% 2D sideways non 3d worlds. Jump and Runs with nice artwork. No Tekken, no Last Guardian, no Ni No Kuni, No Kingdom Hearts, No Gran Turismo, No Cars 3, No Resident Evil, Metal gear Solid…No narcos rise of the cartels, no death stranding, no spiderman, no arkham returns, no final fantsay VII remake, no Nioshi, no games at all that are of interest.

  35. Why did you put the artwork inside tiny screens? The point of a video like should be to show off the games. Fucking stupid decision

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