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50 Best Apple Arcade Games – 1 Year

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Apple Arcade has been out for 1 year! To celebrate here the 50 Best Apple Arcade games of 2020.
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0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Action
2:21 – Multiplayer
5:20 – Adventure
10:06 – Role-playing
12:41 – Casual
14:55 – Puzzle
17:26 – Platformer
19:34 – Sports
21:33 – Strategy
23:26 – Visual Novel
25:17 – Upcoming

1. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time
2. Marble Knights
3. Redout: Space Assault
4. No Way Home
5. Butter Royale
6. Super Mega Mini Party
7. ShockRods
8. Crossy Road Castle
9. Hogwash
10. PAC-MAN Party Royale
11. The Last Camp Fire
12. Beyond a Steel Sky
13. Next Stop Nowhere
14. Spyder
15. Beyond Blue
16. World’s End Club
17. The Bradwell Conspiracy
18. Takeshi and Hiroshi
19. Pilgrims
20. Towers of Everland
21. Guildlings
22. Steven Universe: Unleash the Light
23. Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale
24. Legend of Skyfish 2
25. Roundguard
26. Lifelike: Chapter One
27. BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner
28. Card of Darkness
29. Tales of Memo
30. Manifold Garden
31. A Monster’s Expedition
32. Creaks
33. LEGO Builder’s Journey
34. Secret Oops!
35. Little Orpheus
37. Monomals
38. Stela
39. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink
40. Sociable Soccer 2020
41. Ballistic Baseball
42. HyperBrawl Tournament
43. Spelldrifter
44. Red Reign
45. The_Otherside
46. Decoherence
47. Necrobarista
48. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows
49. Over the Alps
50. Tangle Tower


  1. Inmost is the best game in the apple arcade,I hope there are more horror games😄

  2. Wow! Awesome update! Your time doing this is always worth it ^^ for instance yesterday’s after work! I remember your last video about marble knights and wow, all night playing!

  3. If I can be honest, there is nothing worthy to subscribe on Apple arcade, maybe 3 games.

  4. My favorite games are still oceanhorn 2 and sneaky sasquatch, but thanks for the effort you put in making these videos for us ;D

  5. Dude, I love your videos. I have both Android and iOS and your videos always give me quality recommendation for both the platforms.

  6. Yes! Thank you! I was hoping you would do this. You touch on it at the end, but it would be interesting to hear how you think Apple Arcade is going overall after a year, what you think has worked or not. What you would like to see going forward. A nice short, 1 year into Apple Arcade, your thoughts video.

  7. Apple arcade is so awesome and great video man.quite the work.💗🤘

  8. Until now, i love what Apple Arcade offer to players, but i can say that not all games are in fact so fun to play. There are some gems that really shine and i love them more than triple A titles, like samurai jack, the last campfire, neversong (a game that it’s so sad not to see in this list), Shantae, sayonara wild hearts, crossy road, cat quest 2, hot lava and others, but there are also some stongly overstimated games on the platform, like Oceanhorn (that have some serious lack in animation), frogger (that is not that fun), stela and little Orpheus (that are too much similar to limbo and inside), sneaky Sasquatch and others. I know that depends on preferences, but for now i think is 50% worth and unworth to subscribe. When “the pathless” will launch, I can stongly recommend the service, but until that day I’m not so sure.

  9. woahhhhh too many games, too little time 🙂

  10. 50 Best Apple Cloud Streamed Games…would be preferred

  11. Could you do a top video for Apple TV with controller support? With actual gameplay captured with AppleTV as in using it as a home console. Love controller games on iPad Pro but the setup is awkward, it would be awesome to know what games run well. Many early Apple Arcade games have gone to other consoles at a premium price but is it worth buying on them when Apple TV already has it?

  12. Wow, just wow! Thanks a lot!!
    Oh, one question: have one noticed whether Apple has ever discontinued any games from Apple Arcade?

  13. I’m really looking forward to Into the Construct, this is the first FPS game to hit Apple Arcade, this looks good.

  14. Just playing now Marble Knights and I love it !!!

  15. Apple Arcade isn‘t bad, but I canceled the service till they allow cloud gaming (without insane rules) on iOS.

    I just switched to iOS last year after 8 years of Android and I’m regretting it more and more with every stupid decision Apple makes.

  16. Hey apple said that there will be game that support keyboard and mouse when ipados 14 is released. But what is the game? Please help me

  17. I love people who are into playing games on mobile devices, thanks for good quality videos 😊❤️✌🏼

  18. Still miles away from desktop gaming…apple can't replace desktop gaming

  19. I’m following along on the discord, along with the Reddit server, and I think you’re doing a fantastic job. I have 2 sons, and Arcade is simply magical. I don’t have to worry about ads or IAPs or other junk on Arcade. Thanks to your videos and reviews, we have tons of games we play together and that they go off on their own to play. I know that this is something you’re passionate about, and we appreciate it. You’re doing a wonderful job, and as this Arcade experiment continues to grow and move forward, your fans appreciate you leading us into these hidden gems.

  20. Спасибо делаешь полезные видио

  21. I really want to tell you thank you for these videos, I am also very passionate about Apple Arcade and genuinely want it to succeed. Keep it up. Keep the videos coming. Live long and prosper my friend.

  22. I like Apple Arcade too. I'm a new dad and having a casual game for 5 to 10 minutes is the maximum bandwidth. Console gaming is off the table. When the game is finally started, my time is up. I love this video. Thanks for putting this together and dedicating your time for this. Hopefully this will bring more people to Apple Arcade as it is hopefully a service that will last a long time.

  23. i luv ur vidz<3 been watching since "Vintage Mac Gaming".

  24. I really enjoeyed jenny le clue. Hope there will be a sequal!
    Its a game i disnt expect much but sucked me in

  25. Thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Quite informed about what I’m going to play next.

  26. Thank you! I'm not really a fan of typical video games, but Apple Arcade and you sir have helped me find video games I love and enjoy!

  27. #1 – ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree…I know (new year, new games), but still criminally underrated.

  28. Needs more


  29. Stela is one of the most amazing games I’ve played on iOS, behind only Limbo and Inside.

  30. Where game “ATONE” ??? 😡 but, video top)))

  31. Have you seen that the box project has finally been announced?

  32. You make it easier to love the platform. Thanks 🙏🏽

  33. Oh man, I really wish more people were playing Hogwash. Truly underrated.

  34. Thank you for the hard work of putting this together.

  35. I’m happy that I could join in the pac man party Royale section

  36. What about rogue like games ?
    Dead cells ,tboi,exit the gungeon ,rogue legacy, don't starve and more

  37. I want to love Apple Arcade because the concept of subscription instead of gacha games is really good. However I have a really hard time to justify it since it’s only indie games that in my opinion can’t compete with the free games on App Store, such as Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, Knighthood, Brawl Stars etc. I really wish that there were more games in the vein of Oceanhorn 2 that feels more like AAA games.

  38. almost all of these games look boring
    Im pretty sure you won't be playing them in 2 months

  39. Thank you for your videos MrMacRight! We learn a ton of things thanks to you, you're definitely one of the reasons my son and I enjoy Apple Arcade so much!

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