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5 Bizarre Arcade Games

Monster Island Buddies
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5 of the strangest, most WTF video games to hit arcades!

Guest-Starring Sarah Pribis as “Clickbait”

Guest-Starring Pete Bune as “Guy McMistermann”








Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Zazie Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Quirky Dog Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Upbeat Forever Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Bossa Antigua Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jazz and Blues by Hyperprod
Fairytake Dreamy Orchestral by fusehive
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  1. Whispery Clickbait was kinda sexy. Well, sexier.

  2. MIB: " 0h arcade games"
    Me: " What the h**l are those?"

  3. 99% of comments are click bait
    1% of comments ar-
    Me: how many godzilla toys do you have?????

  4. Clickbait unironically has decent range

  5. I can hardly remember the name of the arcade game but it's a shooter and the final boss is a giant naked lady

  6. She wasn't next for American idol she was next in my ………

  7. Chiller reminds me of a Flash game called The Torture Game. Anyone else played that? I remember my friends once playing The Torture Game on a website.

  8. When I was like four my mom and dad took me to Chuck.E Cheese's and when I first saw the Jurassic Park arcade game (because I saw jurassic park very young and still love it to this day) I wanted to play it and a couple seconds later after I started to play it and the t-rex attacked I started to cry to the point my mom and dad had to take me home. It's actually kinda funny.

  9. Shut up clickbait my ears are bling my sufanamls are now and shut up that weird Youtubers I think

  10. Hilariously hilarious… dude you crack me up on my shittiest days …. much appreciated

  11. I thought: will he do the braking glass joke?

  12. The dinosaurs are not dead they are just tranquilized

  13. Clickbait has a surprisingly nice singing voice

  14. Millennials are still familiar with the concept of arcades if you wanted to make that joke you should have gone with Gen Z.

  15. I died when click bait broke the camera glass!!! Thank god you hired her!😂👍

  16. I'm pretty sure Millennials know what an arcade is probably would have been better if you said Gen Z's because I highly doubt those kids even know what a video game cartridge is let alone an arcade cabinet.

  17. that wasn’t a machine gun it was the spaz-12 which is a shot gun that can either be punp action or semi automatic but i love your videos MIB

  18. 6:14 key: is moved
    machine: makes time move
    key: is stolen
    machine: ZA WARUDO

  19. I saw Face reveal and we need that because I’m calling you hands

  20. Clickbait's bottom half is what dreams are made of…

  21. I didn't see any carnevil.that game deserves a remake

  22. I think no clickbait is good or more discreet no singing.

  23. I guess a apple a day dosent keep the doc away

  24. Geez I hope Simon cowell wasn’t too hard on her
    Who am I kidding that guy probably already wrote my eulogy

  25. Here are some more bizarre arcade games 🕹
    Crazy Climber (1980) – a vertical scrolling arcade game featuring a guy trying to climb a huge skyscraper while avoiding falling objects from residents, falling steel grinders & iron dumbbells, and even the Giant Claw (a giant space vulture) and King Kong. The game was so successful it spawned a sequel in 1988.

    Mobile Munch (1983) – this top down driving game stars a red car pulled straight out of the chevron cars commercials but with long arms to grab food to eat and throw in the trash while carefully driving through tight roads, avoid crashing into obstacles and other vehicles to safely make it back to your garage. This werid and difficult arcade game is playable in SNK 40th Anniversary.

    Toobin (1988) – a top down racing game in which players go down on a inner tube across river rapids avoiding logs, bombs, bears, penguins, alligators, snakes, hippos, dinosaurs, Native Americans, fishermen, swamp monsters, and demons. You travel from the Colorado River to the depths of hell. This game is playable in several Midway Arcade Treasures.

    I'm Sorry (1985) – this maze arcade game from Sega stars the former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka who runs around the city snatching up gold bars while avoiding the following celebrities: Giant Baba (a Japanese wrestler), Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tamori (a Japanese comedian), and Carl Lewis. If he gets caught by any of the celebrities, they strip him in bondage and flog (whip) him.

    Moonwalker (1990) – a side scrolling beat-em up that stars Michael Jackson on a mission to save the kidnapped children from Mr. Big. Each of the 5 stages plays his iconic music such as "Bad," Smooth Criminal," & "Beat It" and he beats down every baddie with his dance moves.

    Parodius! From Myth to Laughter! (1990) – a sequel to the computer game, Parodius: the Octopus saves the Earth (1988). This shoot em up by Konami (when they didn't suck) has your traditional planes: Vic Viper (Gradius) and TwinBee (name of the same game) but along with an octopus and a penguin who both can fly despite being aquatic animals and they shoot waves of random shit such as foxes, clowns, pigs, and sexy Samba dancers. This tongue and cheek parody of the shoot em up genre has spawned numerous sequels with new playable characters and ridiculous boss battles.

    Super Table Flip (2009) – this Japanese arcade game involves the player pushing a button to flip a table over as an angry dad at a family dinner.

    Typing of the Dead (1999) – an educational modification to House of the Dead 2. This rare arcade game swaps out the guns with keyboards and you type out each word to kill zombies. I seriously would have played this if they had in school.

    Boong-Ga Boong-Ga (2000) – this arcade is based on a Japanese prank in which you finger up your victim's butt. I'm not making this up! The screen even shows the people's faces as you finger between the mechanical cushions.

    Frisky Tom (1981) – this arcade platformer has you play as a plumber who must fix a sewer pipe line that's being damaged by some annoying rats. The objective is to fill up the bathtub by fixing the pipes and defusing bombs set by the rats. The game sounds innocent enough….until you see the in game cutscenes that features a topless blonde showering in the bathtub with surprisingly pornographic detail. This controversy caused many western arcade owners refusing to accept this misleading arcade game into their arcades as of result, the company was forced to release a 2nd series with the topless blonde censored with a red bikini for both western arcades and console ports. While this game is certainly rare and difficult to find, you have a better chance of finding the American and European censored port as oppose to the uncensored Japanese port.

    Streaking (1982) – a maze game similar to Pacman but instead you play as a naked woman who has to collect pearls while avoiding cops who are trying to arrest her. The pearls are there to slow down the game's timer as you'll lose a life if the game's timer runs out or if you get arrested by the police. Both of them results with the woman getting stripped naked. Instead of fruits, you collect and wear clothes for additional points. This game is pretty obvious why it was left forgotten due to it's possibly poor sales from most arcade managers refusing to accept the game into their arcades as well as it may have offended women due to it's suggestive theme. However, it might have at one point ended up at a bar or an adult store.

    Lover Boy (1983) – this game makes Streaking look clean and conservative. Another maze game except this time you play as a horny naked man chasing after a girl while avoiding the police. As soon as you catch the girl, you have sex with her. That's the whole objective. Due to the game's pornographic imagery and possible depictions of rape, this game is banned across the globe and is only found in Japan. Making this one of the rarest arcade games ever made as there were a handful of places who have gotten their hands on this banned arcade game. However those with sinful minds have found ways to play this forbidden fruit of arcade games through online emulators and get their hands dirty through some 8 bit orgies.

  26. Clickbait Is Always I Love Her Character

  27. 1:00 LOL yeah man you hardly that much older than me ( I was born in 89 ) and I have fond memories of going to my local arcade rooms back in the 90s.

  28. Call me a bitch, but Chiller kinda makes me sick lol, like i love horror movies, but those movies are usually fun, but chiller is literally just meaningless violence with no plot or story, its kinda fucked lol

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