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5 Bad Arcade Games that are Truly Terrible

John Hancock
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With thousands to choose from, there are some truly terrible arcade games. In todays video, I pick 5 bad arcade games and explain why they are on the list. What are your picks? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Intro 00:00
Double Dragon 3 1:10
Hunchback 2:20
Legend of Success Joe 4:18
Survival Arts 6:01
Professor Pac Man 7:53
Conclusion 9:19

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  1. Hmmmm….didn’t like Lunar Lander…easily my least favorite arcade game. Other bad games that come to mind…Sinistsr, Satan’s Hollow, Rolling Thunder, Ring King…I wish I could think of more.

  2. I would totally buy an arcade 1up Pac-Man "Ulitmate Legacy" cabinet if it had an exhaustive Pac-Man library on it, including Professor Pac-Man… But I'm probably in the minority here.

  3. Never played those games. I fell asleep seeing this.

  4. Time Killers
    My GAWD this game is terrible. Some of the worst animation I've ever seen in an arcade fighting game… but looking into the developer explained everything. The only thing "incredible" about them is how incredibly bad their games were.

    Street Fighter: The Movie
    Wow… just wow… was this also IT? I think it was. Terrible play mechanics and some of the worst collision detection I've ever seen in a fighting game… and that's before you factor in the completely broken AI. RIP Raul Julia, you deserved a better sendoff than this tripe.

    Evil Night
    OK this one's a mixed bag. The actual gameplay wasn't bad. The voice acting though… holy fuck. It's bloody obvious that they were trying to imitate House Of The Dead, but did they also have to imitate the terrible voice acting as well and somehow make it even worse? The character models were also terrible even for its time. How Konami greenlit this one is beyond me.

    Almost anything by Raw Thrills
    Although some of their games are good, the hardware that runs them is so prone to failure that I have to wonder how any of them stay in service.

  5. Jack the Giantkiller. One of the few arcade games in the tiny town I grew up in, I got really good at it, despite it being absolutely terrible. I tried it via MAME recently and couldn't get past the initial screen. It's truly awful, in that Hunchback kinda way.

  6. The store in Double Dragon 3 was so unpopular it was removed from the Japanese version.

  7. They not bad. They are designed to gobble up quarters.

  8. Guardians of the Hood and Pit Fighter are two awful arcade games.

  9. youy sit there and make videos about lame Atari games…I mean laaaaame…and then you have the nerve to crtiscise a halfway decent game???????

  10. I went to a lot of arcades in the 90s.
    Honestly can say I never saw any of these games!

  11. "The Arcade: The Movie" NEEDS to be MADE NOW!

  12. DigDug ate a lot of ass in Our local Arcade!

  13. Ashita no Joe is such a classic manga and anime. Shame they couldn't be bothered to make a good game.

  14. I'm glad I'm not alone with Hunchback – I never played the arcade version, but I did play a BBC Micro re-creation of it, and it was frustratingly precise – 5-year-old me couldn't jump the parapets or grab that swinging rope!

    As for the others, I was genuinely getting a headache watching Survival Arts because of the way it moves.

  15. Tattoo Assassins is a horrible Mortal Komabat R.I.P. off. The game got cancelled for making it for arcades. They have a few arcades made. I only know of the game because I played it at Galloping Ghost arcade in Brookfield Illinois. They have over 800 arcade games there and pinball machines too. They also have Primal Rage 2. That is they only one in existence. The game is amazing

  16. Metal slug I know is controversial butt men how many coins you need to finish this game on arcade.
    That's a perfect example of no cash no win i hated this in arcade games.
    Two players mode was helpful in that case because you know your pal have some spare change.
    By the way home console's versions are genial amen.

  17. A really bad Pac-Man hack called PIRANHA. I saw it at a pizza place in my neighborhood I ate at for after- basketball parties. Boy does it suck. Also, the Asteroids ripoff METEOROIDS; it is in color but really awful. And if you think Hunchback is bad check out some of Century's other games. Yuck! Also look for games by the company SunA.

  18. I would still love an old school arcade cocktail table. ❤❤❤ I wouldn't mind an emulated version being that it be nice for 1 table and all the games that were available for that style.

  19. wow, apparently this guy needs to babble about pixel games that nobody gets to play anymore that he doesn't like by standards of call of duty eleventy-bajillion era games just so he can take a dump and stop making that repulsive constipation face in all his thumbnails.

    dude. just pick up some miralax. it works really well and takes way less time to get relief. you gotta mix it with water, and if you can't spend the day near the bathroom on the first dose with a backup THIS bad, i recommend you pick up some attens while you're at wally world for the laxatives. hope this helps!

  20. Apart from Hunchback, which I love, I think I totally agree with you. They stink!

  21. That Survival Arts game looks like an early inspiration for "Eternal Champions". Ironic since Sammy eventually bought Sega.

  22. To me, it will always been Area 51. The cabinet look was amazing but the gameplay was extremely repetitive. Only a few weapons, no death animations (same stupid crossbone death "GIF") and it was a FMV rail shooter. The cabinet was everywhere too. Absolute trash.

  23. Joe is awesome. You are a silly silly boy.

  24. I never saw any of these but they all looked pretty awful. My list includes Spy Hunter 2, Super Bagman, Zero Hour and B Rap Boys.

  25. A terrible game that I used to love is Chinese Hero by Taiyo from 1984. The hit detection in that game is godawful. It almost feels random whether your punches and kicks land on the enemy. But when I was a kid, my friend and I played the crap out of it at our local convenience store and got extremely good at the game. We somehow figured out a method to the madness. But I tried to play it recently, and apparently I've lost all that knowledge because I couldn't get past the first screen!

  26. Fun fact: there's a hotel in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, the Newport Inn, which has an ORIGINAL Galaga arcade cabinet that STILL WORKS. 25 cents a play.

  27. I majored in Survial Arts in college, sad to say i'm unemployed and live under a bridge.

  28. For me, the Journey arcade game was horrible! I know, a lot of people loved it, but I wasn't one of them!

  29. How about Hard Head by SunA (1988)? It's really awful in a "how was this ever made" kind of way. Probably the worst arcade coin-op game I've seen in MAME

  30. Okay …. here's my five abominable acidy games:
    5)Ka.Ge.ki-blows big time.
    4)Double Dragon 3-No scoring.
    3) Kabuki Z-it's just not good for arcades.
    2)TimeKillers-I won't say a word.
    And now, the ultimate hellish suicidal game number one:
    1)Best of Best-Mooommmaaaa!!

  31. I’ve played that Ashita no Joe game, and it’s definitely not great, but I think it’s got some charm to it. Graphics are pretty colorful and I like the style.

  32. Wow! These games are very bad considering they are there to help run a business! I bet arcade owners have kicked themselves really hard after investing in one of these! Lol😅

  33. Double dragon 3 was a gacha game before GACHA!@!?!@!!!

  34. I definitely like this list. One that I would add is "Guardians of the Hood" by Atari Games. I remember hearing bad things about their game Pit Fighter, and this was a lot worse.

  35. Ahh the quiz games!!! The bane of virtually every bartop and touchscreen game system that graces a corner in your local bar. Those consoles alone have whole videos on them. Especially the PacMan and Mario hacks or kludges. I think someone forgot the motto of what a bar is for "I came to drink, not to think". I have a classic 1982 Little Casino that emphasizes simple card, dice, and horse betting games. But there was a version of Little Casino called "Little Trivia" that had quiz and trivia games and more modern versions had Professor PacMan and Mario (hacked of course).

  36. IMHO, the NES version of Double Dragon 3 is even WORSE than the original arcade game: just one life and a difficulty level that's so brutal that turns the whole game into a senseless mess!
    Even the artwork is the worst in the NES trilogy.
    The Game Boy version was still really bad, but at least you have more than a single life to deal with.
    The Mega Drive/Genesis port is the "best" of the bunch: it's still bad, but it's way more appealing since it redefines the arcade version in a slightly better way.

  37. Double dragon 3 is not the worst arcade game, when I play it, I really did enjoy it on my android phone, that's why I am proud to call it in my opinion a great game😃👍🏼🎮👊

  38. HAUNTED CASTLE. By Konami. Sure others have mentioned it. Normally they make good games, if challenging ones; this was clearly an arcade version of Castlevania, which was one of my favorite franchises (and they alongside Capcom made a LOT of good ones). But everything about it was bad, from how slow your character moved, to ESPECIALLY the amount of damage your character took: like in the first stage alone you were walking through a graveyard, and a gravestone would topple over on you, and it'd cause you to lose HALF of your life (hell, there are other articles online agreeing with me).

    Hell, I'll even take things one step further by saying that SUPER CONTRA was ridiculously hard, unlike the first one, pretty much all of the action was linear– there were hardly any higher or lower platforms to jump to, to try to evade enemies, they were ALL coming from directly in front of you, or behind you, or jumping down upon you from in front of or behind you– and your jump was both slower and half as high as it was in the original… so pretty much worthless.

    Not only that, for better or for worse, it (like the original Contra) had limited continues… while I'm mindful of games that are designed to unfairly eat quarters, the ONLY way I was able to play through both Haunted Castle and Super Contra was by cheating using an invincibility (or unlimited lives) code on an emulator, and even then, in the later levels I remember seeing Frankenstein's Monster stomping on the ground causing earthquakes while hunchbacks jumped all over you, or aliens mouths randomly opened on the floor and wondered, WHAT expert gamers were able to beat these games without running out of continues??

    But I wholeheartedly agree that DD3 was a colossal disappointment after the first 2; personally, I can't say that the 2nd arcade game was a huge improvement over the first, but the NES DD2 was fun and in many ways improved on the original. Both the arcade and NES versions were god-awful though, with the NES version being one of the few games I ever bought that I ended up selling to get rid of (just super challenging, and not in a fun way).

  39. double dragon franchise is much better on the NES

  40. Video gaming used to be a sociable activity, you had to get out of the house, hang out with people. Now it’s kids locked in their bedroom,

  41. I would nominate Rastan II as one of the worst. It was such a massive letdown after how epic the first one was.

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