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41 Arcade Games Tested on the Pandora Box 10th Anniversary Edition

Team Pandory
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We test 41 arcade games tested on the Pandora Box 10th Anniversary. NBA JAM, Mortal Kombat, Turtles in Time and many more classics have gone under the microscope to check for any issues on the Pandora Box 10th Anniversary Edition.

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@0:00- Intro
@0:15- 2D Fighting Games. Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, Street Fighter Alpha 2, SF3 Third Strike, King of Fighters 2003, Red Earth
@1:51- 3D Fighting Games. Tekken 2
@1:58- Brawlers. The Punisher, Armored Warriors, Turtles in Time, Shadow Warriors
@3:15- Racing. Thrash Rally, Neo Drift Out, Chase HQ, Indy Heat
@4:09- Sports. 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, Run and Gun, NBA Jam TE
@4:57- Puzzlers. QBert, Puzzle Bobble 4
@5:22- Platformers. Rodland, Wonderboy.
@5:55- Run and Gun. Robocop, Metal Slug X, Shock Troopers, Commando
@7:08- Shoot ’em Ups. 1944 The Loop Master, R-Type, Parodius Da!, Silkworm, ESP RADE, Slap Fight, Gunbird 2, Dodonpachi
@8:47- TATE Mode. Gunbird 2, Dodonpachi, Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi
@9:16- Naomi. Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Giga Wing 2
@9:47- Atomiswave. Guilty Gear X, Fist of the North Star

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  1. Thanks I needed this! Are the save states ok? doesn't it broke often?

  2. Thanks for sharing thisThinking of buying oneOpen ice and jam how did they run? Glitchy at all? Or fairly smooth?

  3. Hi how well does Ninja Baseball Batman, arcade Puyo Puyo, and the PS1 Guilty Gear run?

  4. Bonjour est-ce que sur une Pandora box DX il est possible de rajouter émulateur PSP, et gameboy

  5. Why we see half letters in many games on a crt? I have disable scanlines, hd mode, but problem persists, is there any other filter running i can close?

  6. I have a Blue Jamma pandora box, when playing 3rd Strike, it seems to be impossible to perform "Kara"/Command throws, which need a very tiny interval between button presses and which I can perform very consistently in 3rd strike on console, emulator etc. Anyone else noticed this?

  7. where do you add the kick harness on pandora box 10 ? for 6 button games

  8. was giga wing 2 having audio issues there? i know on my DX-S Giga Wing 1 has bad audio issues

  9. have you tried adding pandory on this one

  10. Has TMNT been fixed with an update yet? If not can you manually add the rom and make it work?

  11. Does Chase HQ go by a weird name as I can't find it on mine?

  12. I have another questions, i bought the pandora box dx and modify with the Pandory system, all works fine and great, but on the King of fighters games the new Button order i don't like, i prefer on the pandora original versión, How can i change the order of buttons but without affected the others games??

  13. Can these boot up into 1 game ? If so how?

  14. Hi I have the console max X.changed resolution to 480p now won't boot up to emuelec any ideas to help or have I just ruined it and wasted my money.PLEASE HELP ME

  15. I have tried close to 250 retro classics, they work perfectly, really suck fba, they are a good emulator in my opinion. Bobble 4 and 3 are now well emulated with smooth movement.😊

  16. Hello team and thanks for your job.
    What about Dolphin blue ?
    And, last but not least, Pandory soon on pandora 10th ?

  17. Did y’all review the hx99g mini pc? I’m debating if I should get that or the steam deck.

  18. Hello, the MK2 AND MK3 Versions Is from ps1? The Pandora 10th have the arcade Versions?? I put the umk3 AND MK2 arcade versión in my Pandora DX but the sounds have a problems

  19. Hello.

    Can we play light gun games without light gun from 3A Game ?

    And can we save the games added in roms – ISO's in USB, without going through the menu of the Pandora Box 10th Anniversary, I mean save the games in the main menu of the games added in usb, such as for example: DEAD OR ALIVE 2 (Dreamcast), DEAD OR ALIVE (PS1), RIDGE RACER TYPE 4 (PS1) or even SUPER SMASH BROS. (N64) ?

    Thank you, for your answers, have a nice day.

  20. Appart from Tekken 2 (arcade version), everything else is performing very well. As for Mortal Kombat games, Wicked Gamer😈 test those first on Pandoras & Android TV boxes and is always specifying that those struggle to run on these devices.

  21. really happy with mine..already added extra psp /naomi/atomiswave all my neo geo and mame games and they play fine…

  22. Please test cave 1000B games e.g. Mushihime-Sama Futari, Ibara or Espgaluda II. If those work one step up is cave 1000D, e.g. Akai katana or Deathsmiles.

  23. Looks like Open Ice will need an emulator swap.

  24. Its ashame the companies in China just want to me us buyers in the UK around.

  25. I have a serious question. Other than the sticks, what exactly am I getting with a Pandora box that I'm not getting with any of the Chinese handhelds/emulation boxes? They all look like they have serious performance issues and tells me I should rather just get a mid range PC or a steam deck.

  26. Can you test 'Golden Axe revenge of Death Adder' ? Does it still have a emulation bug in the 3D stage ? You can test it after the 1st boss.

  27. Team Pandory! Loving the content guys. Are Williams arcade games like Joust still forced to use PS1 emulation?

  28. i have a pandora box with alfa fight software is it worth the upgrade ?

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