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2021 Best New Home Arcade Game Releases – will Arcade1up take the top spot?

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JDV’s top five 3/4 scale arcade machines released this year (order them now if you want them for Christmas!) Help us stay on the air by donating a dollar here:

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ep 64 – 2021’s best 3/4 scale arcade games (so far)

Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeod
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License: …
Chill Wave by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. So what are your top 5 new 2021 arcade game releases?

  2. Oh man!.. My Atgames BYOT Cab is not in the running? 😋
    Hey JDV. I was just kidding. I'm one of the competing contestants in the second edition of the Bring Your Own Legends contest. Wanna see what Im cooking up for my future 4 Player Quad Deck? I have posts in the Atgames Global Fan FB Forum and the Super Game Room Dudes FB Forum.

  3. 5. Capcom Legacy (Street Fighter)
    4. Atari Legacy (Tempest)
    3. X-Men vs Street Fighter
    2. Namco Legacy (Pac-Man)
    1. X-Men 4 Player

  4. I played on YouTube the AT legends pinball for the first time today . Stock tables had good physics and while not as fancy as the VPX, FX3 I played in OTG mode , those tables seemed very laggy. Plus I’m not a computer guy so I’m nervous going that route. Maybe just stick to the stock tables ? I don’t mind more simple Tables . As cool as Ac dc , Beatles etc are and they really are . something just did not feel right . Thoughts ? Anyone ? Also I want to go online as little as possible and wonder how the local high score list looks , it looks cool on the 1up tables but attack
    From Mars and AT legends pinball
    Are the same price in Canada. I do like the UI and all on 1up but it’s not enough I don’t think when they are the Same price. More thoughts ?

  5. I agree with the #1 pick, I have both the AtGames pinball and Arcade1up Star Wars pin and another one of your picks, PacMan legacy and they all add variety and depth to the home arcade along with my other 6 Arcade1up’s as well. It seems Arcade1up has made a few of their older cabs available on their web site including Star Wars and Out Run sit down cabs, both unique form factors.

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