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20 Ultra-Violent Arcade Games with Brutal Dismemberments

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Did you know that ultra-violence didn’t begin (and end) with Mortal Kombat in the arcade era?

Video games were created primarily to entertain the public, being simple algorithms and computer codes that translated into pixels that interacted with each other. Today games have evolved to represent real or fictional bodies in a 3D scenario with complex mechanics, even simulating the bleeding and explosion of viscera when an enemy is defeated by the protagonist of the game, i.e. us.

Although blood and gore as such have been part of video games for several years, very few remember how difficult was the transition to its acceptance. It was in the 1990s that the improvements really kicked in when fighting games like Primal Rage, Time Killers, and especially Mortal Kombat, began to feature dismemberments in arcades. In fact, it was Sub-Zero’s fatality that prompted the introduction of the ESRB, which is responsible for giving an age rating to video games in the United States and Canada.

Over time games became increasingly violent and specialized in this gore sub-genre, but what are its origins in the arcades? Today we want to list a series of arcade video games that earned the hatred of many organizations, but also the appreciation of thousands of gamers thanks to their graphic and daring treatment of violence. Sometimes the stress of everyday life asks us nothing else than to feed our sadism with a video game. And is there anything more cathartic than playing a violent game to take away the anxiety of the day?

In this video we cover the history of arcades in search of the 20 most viscerally explicit games ever created. Find out!

In this video you will find:

• Some of the most brutal arcade games ever created
• Information related to each game such as release date, developer company, game genre and system it was released on.
• Official game box arts with a 3D presentation.
• Educative and/or critical comments on the importance of the video game and why you should play it

Intro and Outro Music

Aries Beats “Synthwave Dreams 2020” is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license …

00:00 Intro
0:21 1988 Narc (Arcade)
0:49 1988 Splatterhouse (Arcade)
1:13 1988 Tecmo Knight (Arcade)
1:41 1989 Altered Beast (Arcade)
2:05 1990 Smash T.V. (Arcade)
2:29 1990 Beast Busters (Arcade)
2:54 1990 S. A. R. Search And Rescue (Arcade)
3:19 1993 Total Carnage (Arcade)
3:44 1994 Battletoads (Arcade)
4:10 1994 Time Killers (Arcade)
4:36 1994 Night Slashers (Arcade)
5:01 1994 Blood Warrior (Arcade)
5:26 1994 Bloodstorm (Arcade)
5:52 1995 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)
6:17 1995 Zombie Raid (Arcade)
6:42 1996 Red Earth (Arcade)
7:07 1998 House of the Dead 2 (Arcade)
7:32 1999 Zombie Revenge (Arcade)
7:57 2004 Samurai Shodown V Special (Arcade)
8:22 Outro

⚠️ All gameplay recording, game curation and opinions included in this video, as well as editing is completely done by me

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  1. Japan was extremely based back then.

    Now too.

  2. Japan was extremely based back then.

    Now too.



  5. Mortal Kombat after looking at these games (Mostly to Samurai Shodown) : Posers!

  6. I think the most violent arcade game I've played in my life is Carnevil. Enemies would get more and more disfigured the more shot them until whatever limb you were shooting finally came off. Not to mention the terrifying enemy designs. Beast Busters second nightmare would come in second.

  7. Narc has the player ripped apart by dogs, too. That really made an impression on me as a child.

  8. The generically named light gun shooter “Space Gun” might be more bloody than any you put on the list lol aliens explode and their innards hit the screen and slide down it

  9. ポヨポヨポヨポヨポヨポヨが消えた。腕と手がポヨポヨポヨポヨポヨポヨが動いてる。健康のパワー!

  10. nah man, Altered Beast doesn't belong in this list.
    I grew up with that game and others but it's not a gruesome game whatsoever.

  11. I thought ultra-violence started with Alex, Pete, Georgie, and Dim (being really dim).

  12. Let's not forget that the Battletoads arcade game also allowed you to use the ballsack of giant rat men as punching bags.

  13. I guess Eternal Champions didn't make the cut? 🤷‍♂️

  14. Watching Leo cut that dinosaur in half and roar raised my T levels by 400%.

  15. Never heard of Zombie Revenge, but holy cow…that game would have eaten SO much of my cash back in the day in an arcade. It was easily mid ot late stage PS1 quality and looked gorgeous! Long live UMK3 and House of the Dead!!! ^<^ NOSTALGIA!!!

  16. Didn't expect Altered Beast. I watch a short doc on that game. It is part of the reason the Genesis launch didn't go well. I still got it though.

  17. I’m tired, I’m burnt out, and I am a lousy father. This world stinks, and so do the people and situations every day every day every day every day every day

  18. Corpse Killer, Mace the Dark Age, Killing Time, Mutant League Hockey, Eternal Champions and Weapon Lord come to mind too

  19. I remember seeing Tecmo Knights in the arcade as a kid. I was still innocent enough to know my parents wouldn't approve of me playing it so I never did. Been looking everywhere for the ROM ever since emulators became a thing.

  20. I figured Chiller would definitely have been on here.

  21. If Red Earth came out in 96 (ive never seen it before) WHY IN THE HELL does it look as good as that street fighter game that has Q, and Dudely?(Idk the name, havent played or looked seriously at that series since MVC 2)

    Edit: No thrill kill? I mean, yea but…come on now. No honorable mentions?

  22. Dors anyone remember Weapons Lprd..I think it was super Nintendo..

  23. How could you leave out Primal Rage and Chills?

  24. I'm surprised Thriller didn't get a mention, the original body horror arcade game!

  25. Dont have in the list the most gorest for 80s, Chiller

  26. It's amazing how many terrible clones Mortal Kombat inspired.

  27. I was hoping to see Kill Thrill, but I remember it was never released!!

  28. I'm so glad Zombie Raid is on the list! I still have an original arcade cabinet of that game! the game freakin ROCKS!

  29. No Doom Troopers? Weird. Он, its arcades, my bad.


  31. These games always were too cartoonish to impress and even during my childhood (in the 80s) I've seen "violent" videogames more as a lol. Nice video anyway… thanx!

  32. I believe the horrible and gruesome finishing moves of Ballz 3D was what lead to the creation of the ESRB

  33. Night Slashers is one of those overlooked gems. Pretty solid game, satisfying combat, good music, and a reasonable difficulty curve for an arcade game.

  34. I appreciate the hard work that went into making this video showcase brutality 🤠😳

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