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Hey everybody!!! Arcade games are getting expensive to play. I remember being able to play crane games for 50 cents. We thought $1.00 game plays was bad enough, but now we are finding more and more arcade games at $2.00 sometimes $5.00 a try. Let’s see if we can win these prizes fast 🙂

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  1. Yeah in Australia its about $2.50 – $3 a game

  2. Oooo Japan footage yayyy 🎉🎉 good luck Nancy and Micaiah

  3. Ooooo this was hard but love the figure at the end it is twisted wonderland my sister would love that figure

  4. I love y'all videos and It is one of the stronger Demon Slayer

  5. It's so hard to do. But watching you all play. Looks easy.

  6. I like this arcade it’s like you are back in Japan 😊

  7. Always fun to watch you guys play these games

  8. I have Taito as well in my neighbor here in Sapporo.Taito is a store very hard to win.

  9. Hi guys are you back in Japan or are these videos you found from when you lived there?
    Love watching you win.

  10. I miss the Japan games!!❤

  11. "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." -Francis Chan

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