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These are more than just arcade ports, they are modern remakes and updates!

Asteroids (PS1/PC)
Asteroids hyper 64 (N64)
Paperboy (N64)
Spy Hunter (Xbox/PS2/GameCube/GBA)
Spy Hunter 2 (Xbox/PS2/GameCube)
Defender (Xbox/PS2/GameCube/PC/X360)
Missile Command (PS1/PC/GBC)
Missile Command: Recharged (Switch/PC/Mobile)
Robotron 64 (N64/PS1)
Q-Bert (PS4/Vita/Xbox One/PC)
Burgertime Party! (Switch)
Pong: The Next Level (PS1/PC/GBC)
Pac-Man Championship Edition (Xbox 360)
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (PC/PS4/Xbox One)
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus (Switch)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimenstions (Pac-Man Tilt) (3DS)
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness (PS1/N64/Dreamcast)
QIX Neo (PS1)
Space Invaders Extreme (PSP/DS)


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  1. Hi Metal Jesus, i am a big Brazilian fan of your channel, I have created this channel to show my Gaming Room, you are one of my biggest inspirations! Thanks and please take a look in my channel!

  2. It's not well known to many but the game boy color was a powerhouse when it came to early arcade games. I'm not even joking, there's a bunch of little titles that are either slightly updated versions of the original material (like Asteroids, Qbert, or Pong which IMO all are better than PS1), ports of games using a different property (The Flinstones' rendition of Burger Time, Dexter's Laboratory doing Elevator Action), or full blown remakes or different takes on the idea (Frogger 2, Space Invaders).

  3. It's not well known to many but the game boy color was a powerhouse when it came to early arcade games. I'm not even joking, there's a bunch of little titles that are either slightly updated versions of the original material (like Asteroids, Qbert, or Pong which IMO all are better than PS1), ports of games using a different property (The Flinstones' rendition of Burger Time, Dexter's Laboratory doing Elevator Action), or full blown remakes or different takes on the idea (Frogger 2, Space Invaders).

  4. You forgot Frogger & Centipede on PS1.

  5. You forgot Frogger & Centipede on PS1.

  6. Wasnt there an Altered Beast remake on the original Xbox and PS2?

  7. Hey Jesus, you should try Dancing Eyes (arcade) if you want something like QIX

  8. Metaljesusrocks I need your opinion I got a free unused psvita but I also bought a ps tv which allows you to play psvita on your PS4
    So which should I keep?
    Edit I can’t keep both

  9. Wish they would make a Joust Remodernation, and a Popeye Remodernation, and an actual Battle Tank brand re-do (Tokyo was pretty good), and a Moon Patrol Remake (Off-World was okay), and a Dragon's Lair, and Super Sprint should make a comeback too!

  10. Got it! Wonderboy Remix, and Toki Reboot on Steam, Double Dragon HD on XBOX Live (really the only good thing about it), Street Fighter II HD, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, Pac-Man Championship Editions.

  11. I'm a big fan of games made in the spirit of some arcade classics. Titan Attacks! (Space Invaders) and Ultratron (Robotron)…and other games like this?

  12. Try heavy weapon if you want a challenging shooter. So much fun and chaos!

  13. Super Stardust Delta is essentially the definitive version of Asteroids.. And Resogun appears to be the definitive version of Defender.. Velocity is a kinda sorta tremendous reimagining of Fort Apokolypse whether by design or by accident.. That N64 Paperboy looked amazing tbh Only issue I have with Pong on PSX are the controls.. Pong was well made.. However it’s just difficult to play on a PS controller at least for me..

    I had a real fondness of Tapper as a child btw.. So much so I wanted a newer version called Bottoms Up.. But mine would be more like a bartender sim whether you gotta learn to mix certain drinks while working your way up the bar scene going from dives to ritzy areas.. You also have action sequences like bar fights and such..

    Fascinatingly Bally Midway or Rockstar hasn’t attempted anything like this yet.. Or even indie devs to my knowledge

  14. "Have you played 'Minecraft Auto' yet? Don't you think that Apple should make that joint with it?!" 🗨😉🏗🍎🐿

  15. The Chairman's wife has gone out and he is looking after the kids.

    "I told you to play patriotic game Tetris."

    "No Papa. It's too boring."

    "You go to bed then."

    "No Papa. It's too early."

    "I turn off this Playstation."

    "No Papa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa…"


  16. The centipede remake on the dreamcast is really good, same with the galaga remake on ps1. Some of the new remakes coming out for the amico look really good too.

  17. I love ms. pac-man maze madness, I just got my copy the other day for the n64.😎

  18. I loved the Defender remake. I also didn’t think it was difficult, finished it no problem.

  19. Looking back on this, missed opportunity to not talk about Frogger 3D again. 😛

  20. I had originally placed Burger Time World Tour in my shopping cart with the intention to purchase it but forgot about it. Then the game was removed from digital download due to license issues and it was too late to buy it, I thought. Fast forward almost two years later I happened to check my PS3 shopping cart and behold the game was still there. I was able to purchase it and download it and I think it is a pretty good follow up to the classic version.

  21. I played Pacman world 3, on my psp. It's very fan

  22. I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with updates/remasters of classic games, so this video is much appreciated. Not sure how I missed Spy Hunter and Defender, but I will check them out if I can find them cheap enough. Is it time for part 2 of this series? Thanks, MJ! m/

  23. Two of my favorite arcade remakes are Frogger (PS1) and Pac-Man World 2 (PS2/Gamecube). To be honest I never like the original arcade Frogger, but the PS1 version fixed what I disliked about it and really fleshed out the game's potential. I also recently played some Pac-Man World 2 and was stunned how well the game has held up over time. It's an excellent 3D platformer that never fully got the attention it deserved. The first one is great too but suffers from early PS1 jank so it hasn't aged as gracefully. World 2 on the other hand has aged like a fine wine.

  24. I remember seeing spyhunter on the PlayStation Vita

  25. Sinistar unleashed is a awesome modern version of the original

  26. As for Spy Hunter, I'll do a little defense because it was one of my favorite games on PS2.

    Part of the lack of tutorial is because the initial missions work as a tutorial. It's a vehicle game, so I doubt it's necessary to teach you how to accelerate or move, but the essentials, like weapons and skills, are taught in a progressive way as you go through the missions. I remember when you unlocked everything, you even unlocked the badass version of the vehicle, G-6155 Interceptor in a brutal black color.

    What I do have to admit is that the level design is quite punishing. Some missions were pretty brutal and unforgiving, but they were arcade-style missions that we know very well are usually ''retry again to get better.

    Also, the OST and the movies were incredibly fantastic. Despite having a simple history of villains and spies, the presentation is impeccable. Look at the introductory films and you'll see.

    As for the multiplayer, I remember that it is spli-screen and one of the best games I have played in that sense. It had a lot of game modes and you could choose any map to play. One of the most fun modes was one of running over chickens to earn points lol

  27. Philly Catholic League Sports Network says:

    This guy is the most positive guy ever. These games are awful.

  28. Ms PacMan maze madness is definitely one of my favorites on this list. I remember playing the gba port as a kid and it was so much fun!

  29. I know u talk about G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra on hidden gems and yes it is, I own the 360 version. Anyways the DS version is actually using the same engine from an unreleased game called Gauntlet DS. Yes the Gauntlet, (Dark Legacy great by the way). The game was criticized for bad graphics but it’s not bad at all. Who knew G.I. Joe would have 2 sweet games. One like Commando and one like Gauntlet.

  30. I played a Qix clone called Gals Panic when I was a kid and this game was not meant for kids. Exact game play but your unlocking a picture of a scantily clad lady and every level that same lady up to 3 had less clothing :O

  31. I think that brown asteroids on a black background can be a little hard to see. They should have colored them up a bit

  32. The best part of being self employed is the fact that I get to watch MetalJesus while I work. You rock, MetalJesus!

  33. I found missile command for the ps1 and spyhunter 2 for the ps2 at the thrift store recently. Good to know they are good games.

  34. Since Atari brought out the games most of them they need to remake these again they need to remake robotron 2084 again they need to make Godzilla the fighting version game that they brought out you know destroy all mailies and unleash and save the Earth they need to make those again remake and make them better and have more characters to him at King Kong and whatnot and need to bring out a spy hunter three cuz I actually like to spy on our one and two that came out in any other old Atari games that need to remake they need to bring them out and remake them cuz guitar is doing a good job now and there's a couple other companies that need to remake games too as well if you could throw that idea to the company metal Jesus that would be nice I don't know how you can do it but people seem to hide a respect you in that level so it'll be more easier if you and your team could get together and bounce ideas back and forth off each other and send it into the companies they might take it and consideration and we need a new Sega console a brand new Sega console that compete with with not Xbox Wikipedia with PlayStation and Nintendo because I'm a fan of Xbox and we need another Sega gaming console at least if we can't get a new Sega gaming console at least a new Sega console that plays all genres of Sega games including the ones that came out on PlayStation the Wii Xbox 360 PlayStation for any system that had a Sega games on it they need to bring out a new console that allow us to play those just console the specifically plays not all their games not all the PlayStation 4 games not all the companies games just the game sake of brought out for each console including their old consoles as well that will be nice

  35. And if they was to bring out a Sega system that plays everything it would be nice if the system could play new games like if I could bring out new games or or just like say it brings out games for the console that would be nice too

  36. What about Frogger on the (PS1/PC), Frogger 2: Swampy Revenge (N64/PS1/PC/Dreamcast), Pac-Man World (PS1), Pac-Man World 2 (PS2/GameCube/XBOX) and Pac-Man World 3 (PS2/GameCube/XBOX/PSP)???

  37. Too much Pac-Man. Should've had more variety I can think of a few: Space Invaders Extreme, Dig Dug Digging Strike, Rampage: Total Destruction, Any of GBA, DS, or PS1 Froggers, Tetris 99, Galaga Legions, Dragon Spirit: The New Legend, etc.

  38. Qix Neo is cool but reminds me of a PC Engine card I have I like more, and some would even call it Qix III…..it is Volfied! And a CIB one was even under 20$ few years ago, should still be cheaper- very fun and simple with updated graphics, enemies, powerups, etc.

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