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1,500 Arcade Games Pandora’s Box 9 Home Arcade 2 Player Joystick Console Review 2020 Full Games List

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Taking a look at the Pandora’s Box 9 Home Arcade 2 Player Joystick Console and showing you the full games list at the end.

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  1. I'm sold where did you get yours I'm in uk to

  2. just ordered One Today for the Kids and I Can't Wait!

  3. Good video im almost considering one myself now

  4. I saw these on ebay and wondered if they are any good, looks fun may get one

  5. Oh my days there is games on that I have not seen since I was a kid

  6. Mate everyone says they are crap but I dont think so I got one late last year I love mine I may get another one

  7. Thanks helped me decide to pick one of these up i just hit the buy now button. Hope it is worth it.

  8. I love this I may just go get one right now on ebay I see this one for about £140 is that about right?

  9. Do you know if you can add more 2d games to do this list?

  10. Hmm this is better than I thought it would be

  11. Greetings from across the pond . South Carolina tobe exact. I just ordered a Pandora’s box 3D and arrival soon . Thanks for you takeing the time to highlight the reason so many of us are buying these the beatem up. Stay safe hope they let us out soon take care. Thanks again

  12. I love the video enough to make me consider buying this for myself.

  13. I saw you was playing Pac Land but I cant find it 🙁 What game number is it?

  14. Do the joysticks rotate/spin or stay firm?

  15. The stretched graphics ruins some of the games

  16. I watched this back when you posted it and purchased one myself for lock down, just wanted to say im so glad I did, Iove it and its thanks to your video man.

  17. Wow your at 17.8k subs now????? Congrats man your channel has done really well, Wont be long now and you will be at 20k subs

  18. hi just 1 question, when you move the joystick in clockwise, what do you feel, square or round? thanks

  19. Cool video! Thanks, I'm trying to save money to buy this for me and my little brother for christmas! ..God Bless & Stay Safe!

  20. Can anyone tell me how to change the language because i want to put it in Spanish but idk how

  21. Im thinking of getting one but do you think its better to get a later model now have you tried any?

  22. How many versions of 'King of Fighters' were there?

  23. This looks really cool my Dad would love this and I would enjoy playing it with him.

  24. I don’t know if I should get a bartop arcade or one of these 2 player consoles.. I think you have to play arcade games up close to “feel” the timing..

  25. Just curious: is it possible to set any game on idle (insert coin) just like in the old times?

  26. Have an issue with mine, I cannot select any games and it automatically scrolls down the list in 1 sec intervals. controls work in settings and I have reset to factory setting and the problem still persists anybody else having this issue thanks

  27. Gotta get one of these for may Dad this christmas he will love it

  28. Non comprate niente di questa marca con questa cio giocato 5 minuti ,subito bruciata ,ho comprato la mini 200 euro mi e'durata una settimana 500 euro nel cesso made in cina

  29. I cant believe they left out splatterhouse and Rygar!

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