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11 Most Unbelievable Arcade Games Ever

Danger Dolan
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From punching to dog walking, we count 11 ridiculous Arcade games from all over the world.
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  1. I've never actually seen that table flipping game in a proper game arcade. It's always located in these sports centers called Spoccha which have a bunch of arcade games on free play. It's kind of fun but way to short to be worth 100 yen

  2. Is number 5 a game on the Sega Master System aka Mark 3?

  3. don't forget to check out lauren merricks channel

  4. I feel like whichever arcade that last one was in some of the people tried to put something else in there…

  5. wait why in super plaanet dolan your voice is different

  6. I dot like you😾💇🏽🙈🌪🌩👎🏽👺


  8. This guys voice irritates the hell outta me.He sounds like a used car salesman,just my opinion of course.

  9. 5:06 I actually played this game. It's actually really fun. I played it at otakon in baltimore

  10. Technically "Final Fantasy" wasn't intended to be abstract at all. Squaresoft was bankrupt, and Final Fantasy was intended to be their last game before closing. Literally their final fantasy game. It just happened to sell so incredibly well that it pulled them out of the toilet. Naturally, they made more of them as a result.

    Similar story with Tecmo and Dead or Alive FYI.

  11. the first one to git a girlfriend wins

  12. My god I feel like I played sonic blast heroes

  13. 5:28 did you SERIOUSLY just call him "Miya-moto"? Not even someone who doesn't play games could find, with EXTREME ease, that it's pronounced "me-uh-moto".

  14. The Toy Chest claw machine is pretty ridiculous

  15. what kind of idiot would like to play the last one in front of everyone?!

  16. the last game is based on japanese and korean children prank

  17. The weird thing is I've wont the marine life game and the lobster had 100 dollars with it. So worth a dollar.

  18. there's one game where I live and it is youpick up your nose until you get the plastic crotch and you win and if you lose all you get is real cow poop so hope you win crotch digger

  19. That Wall Street game looks like a more morbid version of the Ghostbusters NES game

  20. I won an ipod from a me chine and it had a coloring book inside

  21. Guys you think arcade games are bad?
    Well than you haven't looked up steppy pants a simulator all about walking

  22. I saw the cover and I said what the hell

  23. boon game boon game is a game school children play on their teacher

  24. Was that fuckin Donald Trump at the end playing the butt hole game?"????????????

  25. Buggering hell, they've got Sonic Blast Heroes at one of the coastal resorts near my hometown. Never expected it to pop up here!

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