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11 Most Unbelievable Arcade Games Ever

Danger Dolan
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From punching to dog walking, we count 11 ridiculous Arcade games from all over the world.
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  1. I want to play the dog walking game, the tablecloth game, the turnip game, the table flipping game, and the slapstick game.

  2. I do not like this game, I can not see again, Go to my profile.

  3. I have accualy played super table flipper it's pretty fun actually

  4. someone take me to japan, give me a shit ton of yen and let me loose in the arcades

  5. 5:31 Boong Ga Boong Ga after playing that game you hav a huge boner😂

  6. I've played the table flip game before it was stupid

  7. Pretty sure with the 1st one. Fingers weren't the only thing being stuck up in there.

  8. you know that Cow Milking game I've played it before in Idaho you supposed to get all the "milk" out into the bucket in a certain amount of time and then you get a few tickets

  9. Ive played marine catcher before… they had it at a bar i was at. If you get one, they cook it for you and you get a free dinner to go with it. Its not easy because when they see / feel the claw thing they just move out of the way!

  10. this is the weirdest games i ever seen

  11. if i play the BoongGa BoongGa machine without anyone looking, i WILL shove my dick up dat fake ass

  12. I got a lobster out of a claw machine on my first try I swear

  13. Once you get those lobsters out of the tank then what?
    I didn't see how they bag these suckers so you don't lose a finger when you try to pick them up

  14. At 5:50, a picture of Trump playing a game about fingering an asshole.

  15. what about "Gotcha" which was an old "golden age of arcades" game where you basically fondled a brest?

  16. The table flip isn't just about elderly abuse its it mostly about when the family gets on the father's nerves or if you're at a funeral and you're the speaker on the behalf of the dead and everyone is making a lot of noise and not being respectful and it's all about timing and when you need to flip the table it's a little bit with skill and timing

  17. Some drunky probably shuved his dic into the last one

  18. We never play none of those before, so many games to play, so little time

  19. خیلی عالیه.بازی که باعث تحرک و شادی جسمی میشه خیلی عالیه.کاش تو مملکتمونم محیطای زیادی باشه واسه اینجور بازیا

  20. I wanna try fisting machine damn I would slap those butchecks

  21. What if you stick yer dick in the Boon Ga Boon Ga game?

  22. That table flipping arcade game is fun, I played it before and had a good laugh with my friends.

    There's even a competitive mode on who can flip the table the furthest among 2 players

  23. How ironic in japan they cant get a long with relationships but ending to stick their fingers in arcade machines.
    After that …
    Kumenasai !!!

  24. that table flip game was actually released in the US as the redemption game "anger explosion".

  25. If you guys want to check out some cool really old school arcade retro games then come over and check them out.


  27. 0:19
    That’s freaking creepy for a game where all you have to do is walk your dog

  28. The last was just freaking weird

    Wait that’s why it was at number 1

  29. So basically people have to much time on their hands that made these games, LOL. 😆 Or they were drunk when they made these games, LOL. 🤣

  30. "How do you lose do you ask, I don't have a clue," LMAO. 😆🤣😂

  31. I've actually seen a cow milking game, but I don't remember where I saw it. I think it was at a Family Fun Center.

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