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10 Upcoming Apple Arcade Games

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Apple Arcade Games shown:
0:00 – Introduction
0:06 – Baldo: The Guardian Owls
0:59 – Asphalt 8: Airborne+
1:50 – Tetris Beat
2:50 – Super Leap Day
3:38 – Monster Hunter Stories+
4:44 – wurdweb
5:32 – Super Stickman Golf 3+
6:21 – FANTASIAN: Part 2
7:16 – MasterChef: Let’s Cook
8:00 – Layton’s Mystery Journey+

8:58 – Conclusion


  1. Monster Hunter Stories is sooo good ! I can't wait for Baldo !!

  2. As much as apple advertises, I’m surprised they don’t advertise Apple Arcade more. They got large amount of really good $30-$40 games from console/pc for $5 a month. I could list atleast 20 then you have the new ones coming like Monster Hunter Stories, Baldo, and Fantasia

  3. Thanks for taking time to put these together Stewie! It really makes things much easier. Cheers.

  4. Your so helpful how r u super underrated smh 🙁 ur too good

  5. Can’t wait for part 2 of Fantasian! And Baldo looks quite interesting and fun. Also I have never played monster stories and laytons mysteries and those both look very cool!

  6. Thanks for the Arcade update video. Some interesting games are coming. Any news on improving Steam gamepad compatibility on M1 Macs? The earlier official updates didn't fix the problem, which might lie with Steam, not Apple.

  7. Is there a platform that Baldo is not being released on?

  8. ꋫꂵꃲꋫꄘꋫꁹꋫꇘꌇ꒒꒐ says:

    Baldo and Asphalt 8+ are the ones that I'm waiting for! My little sister would surely like the Masterchef game too

  9. My ipad reached me im so happy pls more ipad 8th gen games

  10. Is true that the artful escape is abandoned for Apple Arcade?

  11. Una pena lo de moster hunter, es mejor balto con toda jugabilidad incluida.

  12. ꋫꂵꃲꋫꄘꋫꁹꋫꇘꌇ꒒꒐ says:

    btw did anyone knows that there are a lot of Intel games on Apple Arcade? for example Ocean Horn 2, Detonation Racing and Angry Birds Reloaded are all Intel based, which in turn heats up your M1 Mac and drains the battery a lot quicker than say playing Oregon Trail, Alto's Odysseys The Lost City and Beyond Blue which are indeed optimized for Apple Silicon.

  13. xX Golden Darkness Xx - Konjiki no Yami says:

    Finally!!! Finally some great Games on Arcade. That had taken such a long time 🥲😭

  14. Bring on the Fantasian!! oh and Baldo looks so fun!

  15. Wow! This is truly exciting. A special yay for Super Leap Day. To me the original is a little masterpiece in mobile gaming. And this one seems to open up quite a lot.

  16. dats a lot of jpgs/adventure games/idk how to categorize

  17. Thanks for including the games that aren’t necessarily to your taste. I am a casual and puzzle gamer, so I am looking forward to Wurdweb, the Masterchef game, and the Layton game. That last game alone is worth me keeping my subscription for a couple more months.

  18. Baldo looks incredible, but I doubt it’ll run on my iPad Air 2

  19. Baldo and Fantasian part 2, the later was the only reason why I subscribed to Apple Arcade

  20. Waaa layton mysteries looks so adorable 😲

  21. This is quite nice, but Monster Hunter not having controller support is seriously bad…

  22. Baldo and second chapter of Fantasian are definitely my top picks. I was excited for Monster Hunter too until you mentioned lack of controller support… Bummer 😕

  23. I’m really impressed on the quality of games on Apple Arcade. They may not be like those “triple A games”, but they look like fun and worthwhile to play.

  24. Baldo is the original Arcade game we’ve been waiting too long for…Apple needs to start adding more adventure games like this like they were in the beginning.

  25. Cooking game is another stupid ‘Farm It’ casual garbage that Arcade keeps adding for some reason.

  26. Hiccup in Asphalt 8 one second after 1:29. Typical that game. It has never been enjoyable to me because the hiccups/pauses in frame rate. Surprised that not more people seem bothered by it. I wonder if it will stay the same in the Apple Arcade version.

  27. Compare to Switch, games in the Apple Arcade are shits.

  28. Monster hunter story doesn’t work with controller thats too bad 😡

  29. I think I am honest interest now with balbo. Apple Arcade hasn’t been the OH MY GOD!! I have to play it lately

  30. Waiting for FANTASIAN Part 2 & BALDO ❤️

  31. boo indeed monster hunter stories plus is not on mac and apple tv and people are pissed we're people

  32. I won’t be surprised if Baldo gets delayed again Lol

  33. Whoa, I didn't know Baldo was coming to Apple Arcade. I was planning on getting it for Switch. Nevermind!

  34. Was looking for info on where I could buy Baldo if it has a physical release and I see this video. Now I don’t have to thanks to Arcade! Apple Arcade is such a great little service, I’m definitely a happy subscriber.

  35. i’m still stuck on the Lyranodon in fantasian

  36. Apple Tv with 1Tb, and we can have third party games, like Xbox, Ps, Switch

  37. My favorite racing mobile games, Asphalt 8: Airborne & Asphalt 8 Plus & 9: Legends.🏁

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