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10 Terrible Video Game First Levels That Made Us Rage Quit

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Kingdom Hearts II’s Roxas prologue is a stamina-obliterating slog.

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  1. Where is Nier: Automata? Driver-level worst intro ever…

  2. Really just asking? Why don't they timestamp videos? Especially on videos with spoilers

  3. With Kingdom Come: Deliverence, I would say that the first big battle misson sucked more. My Troops kept dying.

  4. KCD was pretty amazing from start to finish, despite the creepy people that were trying to call the game racist for being historically accurate and not having blacks (I’m black) but it’s like the people that were mad never considered logic , or the fact I rather like seeing German roots (mutt) portrayed too. Really feel that game got kneecapped for being not easy and not liberal leaning

  5. Stuntman is actually just a training program from The Matrix. 😅 Dreadful game experience but it did make me a better driver in other games. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for the peak at Ghost Runner too. I've been skimming past it on the store thinking it was a 3rd person thing like Ruiner. First person changes things. 😅 Looks good.

  6. i feel that a brutally difficult opening level should be higher then just a boring one i feel the boring ones were unfairly judged because you guys judged them based off a second playthru which obviously games will be less enjoyable a second time thru but the first time youll at least be seeing it for the first time and therefore would be into it a bit more where as a difficult tutorial can stop you from ever getting to the rest of the game i mean how many people never even played driv3r because that stupid tutorial?

  7. Before you’d even got to it I started having PTSD about Driver 😖

  8. Kingdom Come deliverance is excessively based in reality to the point of frustation. Henry is a good for nothing and until he is actually capable of doing the most basic stuff you have endured a few hours in game. I gave up a few times until I finally had the patience to see it through, but it was worth it in the end.

  9. I completely forgot stuntman existed, what a game..

  10. KOTOR 2 really doesn't fit here. Rage quitting is because something is hard.

  11. Dark souls 3. I couldn't even beat the first boss

  12. Never understood the hate for Peragus. yes it's not the most thrilling part of the game but i get my kick out of it.
    I loved both KOTOR and i was really disappointed the serie stopped for a crappy MMO

  13. We literally had "10 Brutal Video Game Opening Levels That Guaranteed A Game Over" 4 months prior…
    Can Whatculture NOT repeat their topics in 2023 please? Seriously, that, or have Jules offers topics WE provide for his "Tues your own adventures"…

  14. Being that I am apparently one of like 2 people on the planet who actually played Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories before playing Kingdom Hearts 2, I fully understood the opening mission and thought it was an interesting way of tying all the games together, however I fully recognized that anyone who had no knowledge of Chain of Memories would be completely lost and confused.

  15. Ghost Runner was one of the few games where getting bodied was ok for me. It's weird to be impressed with yourself about beating a game, but I was genuinely gloating getting through this game. Only level I truly had to quit and come back to a few days later was the train, those damn overhead signs.

  16. Kingdom Come Deliverance is such an amazing game. Personally, I didn't mind the opening part of the game.

  17. Twilight Princess was one of the first games I've ever played and it remains one of my favorites. There is a positive to the long intro: it improves the story a lot. You get set into a lighthearted world that darkens so fast it feels like you were jerked into another world just as you were settling in. While it can be tedious on a second or onwards playthrough it heightens the first playthrough and makes you feel like Link and is so memorable.

  18. KCD is such a great game if anyone is turned off by this video.

  19. 6. it wasn't that bad.
    4. it's quite annoying when you miss timed.

  20. Stuntman would be a fine game today, but back then the most infuriating parts was the load time. It was in the MINUTES and every time you failed you had to sit through it. That's what caused the rage, there were times you were sitting at the load screen longer than playing the level.

  21. Ps gave the nba basketball game away for free, the game does not turn on a meter for shooting automatically. Just randomly guessing when to shoot when you never played it before, quit because boring.

  22. I loved the opening to twilight princess. It set the stage wonderfully and I never got bored. It gave you a real sense of what you were fighting for

  23. My hot take is hollow knight has a terrible opening section. I dont need hand holding ive beat every from soft. However I had no clue what it wanted and tbe game doesn't guide you very well. I literally never beat the opening area of hollow knight

  24. Kingdom hearts 1’s opening level is much worse than KH2’s

    Both games are amazing and get better and better

  25. begins new game of KCD Mm…welp, time to pick plants for a few hours to grind herbology for that sweet strength buff from the associated Leg Day skill. starts gathering nettle

  26. Ghostrunner was a game I skipped after the demo.

  27. I guess no one here knows the game Pax Corpus from PS1 xD Play that game! It's a nightmare.

  28. Who takes 3 hours doing the Roxas section? That's nuts!

  29. 10videogames that made the player say omg

  30. Shoulda included the harsh, long and boring wolf part in the forest that comes after Ordon village. The sum of it all leaves me frothing to get to the part I can use my fucking sword.

  31. Here's the thing. I genuinely like the Ordon Village portion of Twilight Princess.
    And even I think it's too damn much 😂

  32. Opening to Breath of the Wild count? Getting the three shrines to get the paraglider. So frustrating and dull.

  33. I tried the demo for Ghost runner, and after about 5-10 mins, I noped right out and decided I would not be buying this game. This was a good example of why games need demos.

  34. Ordon village in Twilight Princess was pretty great in my opinion and helped set the mood for the adventure to come. I don't agree with that being on this list but regardless, much love Whatculture gaming!

  35. Just opened the video… Let me guess… Driver training level..

    Edit: okay 5 secs in they at least acknowledge they've beaten that horse to death already. Something gameranx should learn from.

  36. Kdc's first level was amazing. Sounds like she cant call herself a gamer so they'll whine about how unfair it is

  37. The surge 2. The very first guy you have to fight.

  38. I’ve not watched it all yet, but Driver on the ps1 will forever come to my mind.

    Edit after like the first 3 minutes: fair enough. That game is probably the reason car games don’t get much play with me. Haha

  39. Maybe it's because Bloodborne was my first From Software game, but I struggled more with that opening bonfire section than the rest of the main game combined. Especially since if you're a newbie playing blind, it's not remotely obvious you need 1 Insight to start leveling up, or where to get it from.

  40. Dragon Quest 7. By the time you get to the first battle, you'll have forgotten you're playing an RPG.

  41. Actually what turned me off "Kingdom Come Deliverance" wasn't any thing discussed in this video. It was the migraine gained from picking alchemical ingredients and having it flick to the bright blue sky prior to the flower picking animation.

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