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10 More ARCADE GAMES – Hidden Gems for MAME

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Jimmy and Metal Jesus show you 10 arcade hidden gems you need to play on your MAME arcade cab or through Launchbox.
Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Demon Front
The Cliffhanger Edward Randy
Light Bringer
Elevator Action Returns
Zero Team
Mars Matrix
Mystic Warriors
Magical Crystals
Wild West Cow Boys of Moo Mesa


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  2. Oh, man. I've actually played Ninja Baseball Bat Man in Laughlin,NV at Harrah's way back in 1994 or '95. I loved that game. I need to get a new working MAME to play it again. My last one is way out of date

  3. Hidden gem suggestion,I played this really old school game called Galaga. It was pretty fun, more people definitely need to play it. Awesome retro sounds

  4. Thanks for these recommendations! Can’t believe I never stumbled on to Mystic Warrior – awesome soundtrack and game!

  5. Very cool video and great games too. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

  6. You have to play J.J. Squawkers. A must play game!!!!!

  7. Is ninja baseball batman still a hidden gem since AVGN made a video about it? I’ve seen many videos since talking about it. Otherwise all new game info for me 🙂

  8. Thanks Gentlemen! Located some classics I've never heard of before and loving them. The only one on your list I had played before was Elevator Action Returns which is great and superior to the original (I know, blasphemy).

  9. I would SO play these!! Where in the world do I get these?

  10. Super cool looking games, if I can get my Mame working with hyperspin I would love to try some of them out but I haven't been able to get hyperspin working for some reason.

  11. Just wanted to say that the Magical Crystals soundtrack is criminally underrated. 🙂

  12. S.T.U.N. Runner was so awesome in the arcades. Took me years to remember the title.

  13. I Can not find a working ROM of Demon Front. Looks so cool, really want to play it.

  14. I like that everyone's list of favorite games equates to hidden gems when the platforms old. None of this shit is like Azure Dreams or GranStream Saga Obscure lol. And even that statements not going to translate well depending on the location of the recipient lol.

  15. You guys are legends for these list of arcade gems I never played or heard of you guys are awesome

  16. Mame underrated gem: The Pit by Zilec Electronics.

  17. Is there a gems video I am missing? As opposed to hidden gems

  18. Yes!! 🤩✌💙💙💙💙

  19. Iol I used to watch The Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa every Saturday

  20. Wild West Cow Boys of Moo Mesa i played this game , and now im thinking about the man who owned the game is a legend

  21. Love these videos! Lost mame gems that definitely need to be played

  22. Can someone please help me? for some reason as of late certain games in Mame (mostly ones by Taito) have had crackling audio AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!!!

  23. What is the send game to sunset rinders thanks m8

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