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10 More ARCADE GAMES – Hidden Gems for MAME

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Jimmy and Metal Jesus show you 10 arcade hidden gems you need to play on your MAME arcade cab or through Launchbox.
Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Demon Front
The Cliffhanger Edward Randy
Light Bringer
Elevator Action Returns
Zero Team
Mars Matrix
Mystic Warriors
Magical Crystals
Wild West Cow Boys of Moo Mesa


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  1. Witch mame are you using..because some games don t run on mine mame32 plus

  2. why do these bellends keep throwing up the devel horns

  3. Mjr please help, I've always been a console gamer and watched your show all through. I've just got a four year old laptop, with windows 10 500gb hd not sure on processor though. Are emulators legal and is MAME ? Would I be able to run snes/megadrive
    Thank you for your excellent content

  4. Never heard of mystic warriors and cowboys of moo mesa (besides the cartoon) thanks!

  5. Omg at 4:25 I thought he said the title of the game was, "The Cliffhanger, 'N word' Randy."

  6. I love this list. I am just getting back into my arcade game collection and I will definitely get some of these.

  7. Yeah, you're gonna need a part 3 here. Just discovered Biomechanical Toy; it's trippy. And Arabian Fight. Some parallax scrolling or something gives it more dimensions and bags guys jump in from front of screen and Egyptian heiroglyphs peel off the wall and attack. Really cool graphics engine.

  8. Is "airplane"a strange American word for aeroplane?

  9. Sucks that I was born so late into the 90s, i remember playing kof and metal slug slug and pacman at the mall and at corners stores when i was younger. So much fun but just looking at this list. I missed out on alot

  10. Clicked video to see if Ninja Baseball Batman was mentioned. I didn’t have to wait long.

  11. New on the chanell 🙌🏻
    Love the videogames and metal jejjeje suscript !

  12. As i was watching this my arcade stick just arrived in the mail ;)))

  13. Had an opportunity to try the games you suggested and I’m happy to say that they are all on my arcade retro system. I’m glad I discovered your video. It’s so hard to filter through the thousands of games on my system and I have to say my favorite is that ninja batman game lol. It’s a beautiful game and the gameplay is solid.

  14. There’s this pretty cool platform puzzler game you guys should check out called Zupapa. It’s pretty fun

  15. Sunset Riders but with bulls. Excellent game.

  16. Pig Skins was a favorite of mine

    mid evil football with lots of cheating, catapults, and violence. NBA jam level ridiculousness and then some.

  17. I love tgis videos. I have an arcade cabinet and always find new things here to put on it

  18. I know there were billions of arcade games, but it hurts my heart to hear Outfoxies overlooked again on youtube.

  19. That moment you find out you lived by 1 of 40 machines in the US

  20. Thanks guys! We were playing Light Bringer and it was a ton of fun. More in depth than your average beat-em up.

  21. Wild west cowboys of Moo Mesa is one of my all time favorites.

  22. Hello and thx for the video! Is there any good link download for a MAME archiv (1 or 2 or 3GB) that works?

  23. God bless the Retroid Pocket 2. God bless Jesus. God bless us, everyone.

  24. Can't find a good dump for zero team. Audit says no good dump known? Using .223 mame

  25. Launchbox looks great for an actual cabinet set up. I dunno how it'd fair with a massive set of games though. I mean, I haven't used it, but I'd imagine it'd be a pain to scroll through thousands of games using that kind of UI.

    Back in 2015, I downloaded this massive giant romset from a torrent. It came with a version of "MameUIFX64". I'll be honest, it's like, my favorite thing. I lost my PC at one point, but not the harddrive my mame stuff was on. I only just recently got a new PC a month or two ago. One of the first things I did was load up that old Harddrive and all my emulators. Honestly? Despite being an app from 2015, and having not updated a damn thing since… It's still a super nice program. So many ways to sort games, including making your own folders to sort by, along with a screenshot of the gameplay and title screen. Even a tab for "Info" where you can add a bunch of text if you want (to describe the game, to give facts about the game or developer, or even to toss in a move list).

    I dunno if they kept updating MameUIFX since then. I haven't looked. Besides, it and my roms kinda came together. I don't have the internet to download a new romset if I update my app. And really, the one I have still works amazingly well. It even has a ton of video, sound, and driver options. Along with controls, and shaders. It's MAME, but less of a pain in the ass. The way MAME should be.

  26. @MetalJesusRocks Hi, great video, what was the game at the very end of the video? was it Burnout paradise?
    Thank you.

  27. Elevator action returns takes it to another level… you ignored that pun completely lol.

  28. I think Mystic Warrior is up to 4 players, not 3.

  29. I played Light Bringer many times except it was called Dungeon Magic.

  30. Great vid. Looking forward to finding and playing these games!

  31. there was a hiden galaxian minigame inside Mortal Kombat II or 3, I have been looking for it as extracted mode from MK to be able to play it without MK itself, I feel I'm the only one on planet earth looking for it

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