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10 Insane Easter Eggs in Arcade Games

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In this week’s video I actually visit some classic arcade cabinets in arcades to show off some insane and surprising easter eggs in arcade games.


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Games Featured -SPOILERS-
Golden Tee 99
GTI Club
The Simpsons
Primal Rage
Mortal Kombat II
Area 51
Guantlet Legends

Thanks to Orange Velocity, Jeff Dawson, Corey Wright and Arcade Legacy for their contributions in helping me in the production of this video.

Clips and References – Spoilers

NBA Jam Tank Game –

Jailbreak 8Bit Surprise – YT Channel: Hector Fly

Music From Oddheader:


  1. I will try the gauntlet legends one at my arcade forsure lol I love that game and now I love it more lol

  2. “We did Area 51 before the internet”

  3. Area 51!
    Damn.. that and House of the Dead was my shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

  4. Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief Pong was not the first game, it was actually Space Command.

  5. -Mad Dog Millionaire- BAD DOG BILLIONAIRE says:

    You forgot The Simpsons arcade game's Easter Egg in Channel 6 (Stage 7) where the news reporter will start yelling at you guys if you stand in front of him. He will eventually give up reporting if you continue to stand in front of him long enough.

  6. All corpses are dead. I think the joke there is that he was hit in the head by a golf ball.

  7. Is it there any Easter eggs in crazy taxi?

  8. 0:08 can someone tell me where shes from she seems so familiar


  10. I found out about the Kronn Hunter easter egg in Area 51 when I played it at the local pizza place in the mid 90s.

  11. On the genesis version of mortal Kombat 3 there's a code you can enter on the main menu to access the secret settings and you can play galaga and unlock the secret characters

  12. Me: plays pong on mortal combat. manager:how u do that?! Me:it's a secret 😉

  13. Anyone else see the shade at 2:21 bottom right of screen ? 🤣🤣👌

  14. i found the Galaga Easter Egg on my own one day and have got a free game out of it ever since.

  15. What is that sailor moon game at the start?

  16. Hahaahahaaa! Nothing strange, ever happens to the arcades!

  17. 5:51 Lara:look at player"Don't you think you seen enough?"*Grab the Shotgun and shoot at camera*

  18. Can anyone remember that shooting game called "black"? The graphics for the time were amazing. The way stuff blow apart

  19. I remember finding out the Galaga one by accident as a kid and I still do it from time to time.

  20. Golden Tee Golf for PC has an alien. It's kinda neat 🙂

  21. What arcade cabinet has the reference to the toomrater rumor? You never said.

  22. Nothing strange ever happens, and you show max from stranger things. Nice pun, dood

  23. I just realized we needed an odd header plushie

  24. 0:10 rarity from mlp what would they do in a arcade room?

  25. Think the German Shepherd joke might just be alluding to dog races, ya know, the one's you put money on down at the dog tracks.

  26. WHAT?!?! Data mosh alien mode EE in Area 51?!?! 😳 That seriously blows my mind I wish I knew that as a kid wow 🤩

  27. All of this guy's video's are basically the same.

  28. i love how you say "cote d'azur" , " caut d'auzaure " XD

    if you want to say it well in french , it's most like " co-th-euh d' ah-zh-hur-euh" ( yes french is a very bizarre language ^^ )

  29. The only codes I knew were for mortal combat, they were:
    Blood Code: ABACABB
    Code I Can’t Remember What It Was Called: DULLARD

  30. Was the arcade cabinet called gauntlet legends and not gauntlet dark legacy?

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