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10 Arcade Machine Designs you can do in Minecraft & Bedrock!

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Today i show you 10 different kinds of Arcade Machines you can do in Minecraft Java & Bedrock edition!

CREDITS TO Hallmacker for the Whac-a-creeper Idea!
CREDITS TO Magma for the Pinball Machine Idea!
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Time Stamps by Denewbminion!
0:00 Arcade Machine
1:08 DDR Machine
2:03 Pinball Machine
2:35 Claw Machine
5:13 BasketBall Arcade Machine
7:00 Whack A Creeper
8:50 Arcade Machine V2
10:35 Air Hockey Table
12:40 Karaoke Machine
13:32 Token Machine

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  1. Yo cap pinball does not work in bedrock claw machine does not work in bedrock and air hocky does not work in bedrock

  2. /give [Name] minecraft:item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}}

  3. Thank you! Helped me a lot with my arcade, Thank you again! 💗🤗

  4. "…you can do in Minecraft and Bedrock!"

    Yep can confirm, bedrock isnt minecraft

  5. Cool is u can build more video and u is pro and hacker

  6. Perfect for my Vs Kapi map in mc! Im in bedrock and i have an invisible item frame mod and ofcourse. A fnf mod.

  7. Mi dad got mad at me rn so any words of love and suport would be greatly appreciated
    Edit:I'm better now

  8. The creeper thing has to be a mod or a cheat no offense tuna

  9. 0:38 "Now we will be creating the screem using Banner!"

  10. Do you think that you Can you make A shield with a banner pattern on it no You can't Only a java addition and Not to Point out You can't get invisible frames either😠😠😠😠😠

  11. step 1. Place down a crimzon or warped button.
    step 2. Place down an item frame.
    And now we have a plate with soap.

  12. 13:54 i recommend putting 2 blocks to the left of the build for the token to come right out of the middle of the machine!

  13. None of them are for bedrock 😕 ITS ONLY JAVA

  14. Thx, now I don't need a arcade mod for my FNAF Map

  15. Idk if you made a part 2 but if you didn’t I recommend a prize booth or something

  16. I am trying to do it in bedrock pe but the armorstands arms are ruining it :(((

  17. THANKS, i build all the machines in my arcade site!! 😀

  18. Hey Tuna I may be like 2 years late but what if there was like a shooter game like those Jurassic park shooters you see at the arcade or a racing game like Mario kart dx this is just a suggestion hope you are doing good

  19. You ain’t a AverageTunaSandwich Your a GodBlessedTunaSandwich

  20. Add some dream speed run music and boom speedruning

  21. quick tip on the Ice Hockey Table for players wanting to do it without using invisible item frames, use normal item frames and 1 thin layer of snow to cover the item frames. You should still be able to see the air hockey pushers and pucks. Then use lightning rods instead of End Rods to make sure the snow doesn't melt!

  22. for bedrock players: you CANT make the pinball machine anymore

  23. the armor stands don’t shoot out they just break

  24. You really need to slow down or at least explain what you are doing for your tetorials especially if someone is new at doing these sort of things.

  25. This doesn't work for bedrock I tried the pinball machine. And you cant put rails on under item frames

  26. Oh I remember you when you were with bblocks

  27. The basketball one need acacia not jungle

  28. I hope that someone build thosein every floor 2 mall

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