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10 arcade games that never came out on console

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10 arcade games that never came out on console. Though most arcade games eventually find their way to home consoles, some get left behind. Sometimes the controls don’t fit onto a controller and other times cold hard business reasons prevent a port from happening. The games in this video never made the jump and therefore you might not even know most of them. Here are 10 forgotten arcade games that never came out on console!


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  1. Ayy hope konami will port solar assault and solar assault revised on switch

  2. Seen this list yesterday own all these games today tnx 4 posting.

  3. Daytona USA 2 was another game than never made it to consoles, which is a huge shame.

  4. I remember seeing that Jurrasic Park shooter game at Chuck E Cheese one time. The T-Rex chase was my favorite part.

  5. "Prop Cycle was the most physically exhausting arcade games ever made"  = Never saw DanceDance Revolution, Pump It Up! or In The Groove

  6. Surprised you didn't mention Carnevil from Midway.

  7. I wish the first House of the Dead game came out for consoles, it would have been a perfect Wii port

  8. This was a great list, happy to subscribe!

  9. Ports are always inferior. Arcade games are unique. Doesnt matter how good an Arcade could be, the port will never be as good.

  10. My arcade finally closed after 16 years. I saw it from start to finish. StarWars Trilogy was one of the last games wheeled out as MoonBeam Investments told us to leave the mall they bought five years ago and intentionally ran into the ground for a failed business tax cut and a less responsibility barring land holding to keep up their net worth. In the morning I need to take classes at the Human Resources building just to be able to claim some of the un employment money I put money into over the 16 years that due to my current medical issues that doctors cant figure, out, and some indeed have given up on, might make it hard for me to sit up right for the time needed.

    I suspect in a couple of years I will be broke and further broken. But I regret not my 16 years at the arcade, even though as manager I was barely paid more than my workers under me. On my days I feel better I'll be trying to catch up on games I've gotten over the years personally and then likely fade from this life. The world I live in now is more painful, but all the same the world out there is nothing close that I remember. Sometimes it feels like the age where video games were great and truly innovated started to die out when the Dreamcast did. Everything gets released so un reliably now, hardware failures from console to PC across the board, and anti consumer tactics drown the AAA industry.

    If I have not a future, and the present at large has often just been this disappointing, at least I can pass way enjoying some of the past. The only thing I'll regret is not watching a few more things, and playing all the many more games I've collected over the years. The medical system has failed me and many more, just as the state further has by cheating us out of what we've worked for, and so many who are actually disabled being cheated out of the help they've also paid into. The past years of governing forces have poorly damaged an otherwise promise of an ongoing great nation of innovation as more lunatics try to throw one another in prison for not using their desired prefixes.

    May the destroyers of what were great things without giving them chances to flourish in better hands be cursed. May their deeds be known and may they pay price and know the shame from their families knowing what they've done.

    We owe them not half of what their criminal actions justified in corporate like policies claim we do.

  11. No mention of Carn-Evil at all? Shame, my local movie theatre had it and that shooter was so much fun.

  12. Virtual Cop 3 was really impressive at the time. You may not have noticed it, but in the slow motion mode you could trigger, it was the perfect opportunity to shoot away enemy bullets. It also took the opportunity to bring up a less violent approach as the bullets seemed to be a compact taser technology, disabling human targets rather than killing them.

    And yes, SEGA has become very dumb. They're on the corner of death, recognize they failed their American market by their own admission, and still try and solve that by releasing just more hedgehog crap instead of the gems like Phantasy Star Online 2 as promised, Virtual On's recent re introduction, AND Border Break, a mech shooter in arcades that is now receiving a PS4 tittle yet STILL NO US RELEASE spoken of at this time. SEGA may die even before I do around 2020.

  13. There are so many amazing games that never made it to console from arcades. Now that arcades like mine are being driven unto death by companies who also are destroying the idea of the indoor shopping mall to replace them with strip malls that shove all people to stay outside from store to store, I believe everyone should look into arcade emulators to see the wealth of entertainment through arcade history.

    By all means if a company makes a REASONABLE price option to play them on a console, then go for the buy. But otherwise it's hard to hold anyone responsible for wanting to play something of history that no longer is being utilized for income, not to mention over 20 years old. SEGA should stop relying on re selling ancient tittles they have no plans on what so ever bringing back, despite the demand for them. Same goes for Capcom and many more.

  14. Its never too late you know people,sega is still exists no matter if the dreamcast stopped after years! In other words newest systems can work on those games like a charm since back in the day you needed power to port some of those in a console.On dreamcast though they could release those but they left the system to its demise.But now not ony can they work on a freaking collection,they can also create a remastered version collection with those beauties! Its time to remove the dust from that playstation move,so what are they waiting for???

  15. So many memories! The Lost World used to freak me out…

  16. i'd sell my soul to get carnevil ported to a console.

  17. I'm an arcade enthusiast and I've never heard of Planet Harrier or Osman ! Got to check those out! Good video!

  18. Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2 is on of arcade game that wasn't on console

  19. Actually, 'Star Wars Trilogy is an unlockable in 'Star Wars: Rebel Strike'.

  20. Ninja Baseball Batman. Crime Fighters.

  21. I love every game on this list, but I also love Gun blade NY, LA Machine Guns, and Deep Sea hunter. All made by sega, and deserve home releases.

  22. I think I remember seeing another Mach Breakers game, in which you had stages where you stopped Subway Trains, Shot Energy Blasts at battleships, and did Something Similar to Bean Bag Home run like Smash Bros Melee!

  23. Should be the release year in the countdown title. FYI. Especially if you want to be GameSack

  24. okay, one thing that was failed to be mentioned about Virtua Cop 3 and why its so unique, is there is a foot peddle that lets you activate the bullet time slow motion whenever you want as long as you have enough meter for it.

  25. G.I.Joe the arcade game was my favorite to not get released on PC or console. Prop Cycle was /is awesome too.

  26. Prop cycle would actual sell in this day and age.

  27. i swear they had made a virtua cop 3 for the ps3 or am i seeing some mandela effect here??

  28. Nintendo made bank from another company's idea…Namco should have sued.

  29. Never heard of Martial Masters. The game looks like an awesome spin off of Street Fighter Alpha!

  30. What about the 3-player SegaSonic the Hedgehog?

  31. I miss those arcade Sega graphics. Bright, clear colors, crazy characters, awesome environments. When will indie devs start to make these type of games? The west?Japan? where u at?! And SEGA id buy a compilation disc of 3D arcade games in a heartbeat! $EGA

  32. any list without aliens vs predator isnt complete. or alien 3 the gun game, which is also a decent game.

  33. Konami's 'Alien vs. Predator isn't here either'.

  34. Is the narrator on these videos a computer voice program?

  35. There is one issue about your argument against prop cycle… one game manufacturer DID try to sell an exercise bike to consumers…. Nintendo!

  36. Consoles are underrated compared to arcades.

  37. How cool if game like time crisis remastered at ps4.. the game will using gyro inside standard controller like the game infamous second son. Then u can multiplayer to finish the game co op or just fight with each other..

  38. Dino Strike for the Wii can be your alternative to Jurassic Park on a console for a Rail Shooter. It plays decently and has some real epic moments

  39. Wtf 3 commercials and not even half way through the video. I'll be avoiding this channel from now on.

  40. I remember when I used to play Prop Cycle back in the arcades. I sometimes wish our local bowling and entertainment center would pick it up, along with Lost World: Jurassic Park, given how many other memorable arcade games they've had there. Also, they need to get T-Mek as well. That game so much fun in that time!

  41. The last two would have been killer on PS2 or Dreamcast!

  42. the lost world is such an amazing shooting game. I do wish I can play it at home.

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