1 HOUR 👾ARCADE GAMING MUSIC👾 | Gaming, Arcade, 8Bit, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, RPG, Retro, Console - jadeusgames.com

1 HOUR 👾ARCADE GAMING MUSIC👾 | Gaming, Arcade, 8Bit, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, RPG, Retro, Console

Music from a Genie
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1 hour of cool arcade gaming music. Perfect to be drawn into nostalgia. 8bit, Retro, Arcade Gaming music. Enjoy this amazing selection of Gaming Music. If you liked this Music Mix, feel free to check out my other videos. Consider liking and Subscribing to actively support the channel =)!

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Epidemic Sound (Music & SFX):
Artgrid (Stock Footage):

Video: Stock Footage by Videezy.com


  1. Like and Subscribe if you are a gamer 👾🎮!

  2. Another great banger compilation, thank you!

  3. I’m screen recording this so I basically I’m getting a gaming room (in my closet 😢) and I used ltds and now I need music and btw this is very good 👍!😊

  4. Hello can i use this as background music? Thank you will promote this channel and give you credit, this is awsome and beautiful

  5. 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾

  6. Хотелось бы видео с объемным звуком и смесью звуков разных игровых автоматов превращающихся в шум

  7. I use this as the soundtrack to my home arcade and my 3 year old loves it.
    Well done and thank you.

  8. Nothing can describe how much I love this mix and this genre of music thank you

  9. I needed a alarm ringtone sound!!! And i think i found it!

  10. At the 16:41 mark there's the epic Arcade music that I keep hearing everywhere what's it called?

  11. I got the full music names for everybody
    0:00 Helios by Lexica
    3:02 Virtual by AGST
    6:01: Press X Twice by Lexica
    8:33: Bit Fight by White Drift
    10:32 Tiger tracks by Lexica(this music is actually quite popular)
    13:26 Soon by AGST
    16:41 Albatross by Lexica
    19:23: Blip Master by Jerry Lacey
    21:34 Time by Several Definitions
    23:06 Dreamz by Jerry Lacey
    25:04: Fair N Square by William Benckbert
    28:03 Game On by Tricycle Riot
    29:44 Racing Hearts by Mattie Maguire
    32:48 It's Here by Ash Sculptures
    34:30 Moving to Miami by Lexica
    37:45: Divine Comedy by On the City
    40:57: Nintendo Revolution by Rolla Coasta
    43:04; Old Arcade by Josef Falkenskold
    44:50: Time To Level Up by Josef Bel Habib
    46:29: 8 Bit Run (A Nice Final Boss) by VELDA

  12. my fav songss eveerrrrrr❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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