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😡 The Simpsons Arcade 2 – The Awful Lost Sequel…😡

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In today’s video we look at the history of the often-overlooked sequel to the classic Simpsons Arcade Game from Konami. In 2009, EA would publish a now delisted title named The Simpsons Arcade for IOS. Let’s look back at this forgotten chapter in history.

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Voiced and produced by the Top Hat Gaming Man
Edited by Ryan of Exploding Music Syndrome
Written with friend of the channel Pete

Additional Gameplay & Footage Sources

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  1. Really needed a 5 minute retrospective on the franchise

  2. I had this game on my iPod back in the day. I liked it, but the attention span just wasn't there for me to finish it. Because of this video I would have to agree with you on what you're saying. I'm accustomed to the arcade game so I held it to a standard I wasn't suppose to do.

  3. My opinion of the second "arcade" Simpsons game released on mobile in 2009: That happened, and we all let it happen.

  4. “Why, you little…!” *strangles developer of this awful game sequel*

  5. Never watched it but loved the Arcade game. Great Game great Arcade times

  6. Sounds to me like what happened to the Simpsons was the same thing that happened to Pizza Hut.

  7. I loved the arcade game! Great memories! I haven't seen a new Simpsons episode since Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  8. The animation of the "sprites" is so stiff, much like the modern Simpsons show.

  9. The Simpsons Arcade 2 should've been called Homer Adventures lol

  10. I enjoyed the cunning fox executives chittering about and pointing at pie charts. If not a reference to a classic Simpson's gag, worthy of one.

  11. Honestly I think this review of this game is a bit harsh (unlike your review of the show which is actually true) making a 4 player game on ios that worked with this type of game would be hard to pull off (I remember there was an actual port of the xmen arcade available albeit super shortly and I don't believe it had the 4 player functionality in tact) this game had several nice little references to the konami classic, no it wasn't a perfect game but I'd hardly call it awful.

  12. Simpsons has overstayed its welcome. It's no longer funny and tries way too hard to be "counter-culture."

  13. I know that I'm the minority here, but the original Simpsons arcade game is overrated in my opinion. It's ok but there are much better beat-em-ups from that era and before.

  14. Man, I love that Krustyland theme so much from the Arcade game.

  15. “Mr Plow, you ARE fully licensed and bonded by the city, aren’t you?”

    “Shut up boy.”

  16. The first Simpsons episode short on the Tracy Uliman Show was funny because when Homer turned off the Bart’s room light off one of Bart’s eye turned red 😂 😂 😂


  17. Back in 1991, when Do the Bart Man was regularly played on the radio, my family would keep a local small town Chinese takeaway in business in after they put in a Simpsons machine, without spending a cent on Chinese food.

  18. I hate Milhouse. I’m glad Nelson punched him in the stomach.

  19. The Konami game…didn't that come out to capitalize on the popularity of the first TMNT Arcade Game, too? The visuals ain't quite there for The Simpsons, but the gameplay is very similar to TMNT, if not completely identical. (TMNT came out in 1989, The Simpsons in 1991, and then Konami dropped X-Men in 1992)

    The show? I actually checked out midway through season 7…maybe sooner…it just didn't appeal to me anymore.

  20. There is so much padding in this video. I'm glad for the interest in Simpsons games, but do we really need a history lesson of the show? It's not until halfway through the video before we get to the titled content. Sigh…

  21. Great video!.. it took me a few years of vacations as a kid in the Arcades of Las Vegas i finally beat this game with tons of quarters.. the most fun arcade beat ‘‘em up of the 90s, and a great childhood memories.

  22. Happy 1987 banner in a Simpsons short. That means Bart and Lisa should be in their 40s while Marge and Homer get their Social Security checks.

  23. I actually played this game on my moms iPad I liked it but I was a fetus

  24. It would actually be a decent beat em up game if it wasn't a mobile phone that uses touch screen controls.

  25. The only truly bad thing about this game seems to be that it's on mobile. Who cares about only being able to play as Homer, he's the only Simpson who actually fits as a beat-em-up character anyway.

  26. they really fucced that up, a one player only Beat'em up, even streets of rage was more fun when playing together and it was a great game to play alone.

  27. I remember seeing massive protests in South America (Bolivia I think) to put the Simpsons back on the air when it was taken off the airwaves.

  28. Excellent video, and the slow decline of the Simpsons brand being mirrored to the brand in the video game arena is spot-on.

  29. I grew up watching The Simpsons and playing the original arcade game. We beat the oriiginal arcade game with 4 players a few times in my childhood and I remember running around kid play centers and restaurants convincing kids or parents to put quarters in it. I had thought for a long time the show had gotten dry, but recently I got a television antennae and started watching broadcast tv for the new episodes premieres with my family and we think the last few seasons are "excellent" as Mr. Burns would say and Sunday nighs have become a Simpson tradition again which I love.

  30. Big Daddy, how about doing a video on Nickelodeon All Star Brawl. But you can wait until the DLC content comes barreling in. But you can also do a retrospective on the Kart Racers games.

  31. I do remember another phone simpsons arcade game, but it was for smaller phones and i think it was a completely different game from this, I don't remember the auto scroller level. Or that the enemies looked like that.

  32. It's a shame iOS emulation isn't much of a thing – that would help game preservation for things like this and WrestleFest, which was at least in the works on the 360 and maybe we'll get an unofficial Goldeneye 007 remake-style release later.

  33. i only clicked on this video because of the homer image. brings back memories from when i still watched the simpsons. the scene where homer is afraid of his own image in this episode is so funny 🙂

  34. and the moral is …………….. beware of anyone who puts out anything just to make money and for no other reason

  35. The reason it sucks is because Konami didn't make it. Look at how well Konami produced the TMNT games, when they had the license!

  36. Tbh the original Simpsons arcade is terrible. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug


    Homer: He was a zombie?

    Me: 😳………Dayum Homer….🤭😆😆😆

  38. The… The game actually looks quite good. Like, if it weren't a mobile game, I'd play it for sure, and probably really enjoy it! I feel you were a bit overly hard on what looks to be a genuinely well-constructed retro throwback game that can only really be faulted for its choice of platform (and having only one playable character, but honestly, if you're only going to have one playable character, Homer's the one to pick, so that's not even that big a deal!).

  39. +4:05

    "I'm Mr.Plow, that's Mr.Plow, that name again is…"
    Oh I always forget that last part

  40. I was 13 when the Arcade game came out. I tried all the characters, but also always played as Homer, imagining having to save my future daughter.

  41. It's a crime the original was never ported.

  42. The Simpsons visually lost all its life when they standardized its characters appearance and animations. They must've had a meeting and were like "how can we make all our characters the most boring possible versions of themselves". Anyway I won't be testing that game because, like the TV show, I will induce vomiting to get myself out of the room. Tried and was still watching every episode 4 years ago but it was going nowhere fast. I'd rather go to school than watch a new episode.

  43. Top Hat Gaming Man, in a future video, you should definitely review The Simpsons Game!

  44. Huh… It's rare when a Top Hat Gaming Man video shows you something new. A few more of these and I might resubscribe. Good shit.

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  46. Why does this video need an almost five minute summary of the history and success of the Simpsons TV show? This is very condescending and obvious filler material to pad the video length.

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