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🎮 Guess the GAME by Emoji…! 🎲

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In this emoji quiz, guess the video game by emoji. There are a total of 30 question and in each question we will show you emojis and you have to guess the video game. Games in this quiz are:- Minecraft, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Clash Royle, Call of Duty, and many more.

Can you guess the game by emoji.

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  1. There is no way that in the entire world anybody would think that 2 cups of tea doing cheers to each other is player unknown battle and only a few people are going to think that G stands for grounds like how the heck is anybody supposed to get that

  2. In 1st one where is crafting done can you tell me

  3. You give the icons off Minecraft anyone can Guess it

  4. 27/30 my fav question of all as I'm a gamer it's soo easy to guess.

  5. That's a lie for the first is not the best game

  6. 29/30 because the last I don't guess hitman

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