★Winning An APPLE WATCH From The Keymaster Arcade Game!!! + More Awesome Claw Machine Wins!!! - jadeusgames.com

★Winning An APPLE WATCH From The Keymaster Arcade Game!!! + More Awesome Claw Machine Wins!!!

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Claw Machine & Keymaster Wins!!! Today I Was Pretty Lucky At The Movie Theater Arcade & I Won An Apple Watch & Way More Awesome Prizes From The Claw Machine Arcade Game!!! Check It Out!!

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  1. My favorite part when won apple watch, my mums favorite part 14:17.

  2. can I have an Apple watch I subsribes and liked

  3. Dude how I wish they had a Stewie Plushie on the Claw Machines I go to LUCKY Dude

  4. I take it my mom could youse one how manny do you got

  5. My birthday is pretty expensive right now. I will be getting a VR headset I know that but getting the new Apple Watch series 3? I dont know but I might will get a Apple Watch but it might be series 1 so yeah could I have it?

  6. 🔴Hey Guys Thanks So Much For Watching!! Let Me Know What You Thought!!🔴

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